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The Fashion Group International's Rising Star Awards Event

posted by Meredith Finnin

by Michael Londrigan, Dean of Academic Affairs

Who could - or would - pass up a chance to have lunch at Ciprani’s 42nd Street location?

On January 24 The Fashion Group International (FGI) held their annual Rising Star Awards event there and it was well-attended. I was the guest of Gordan Kendall, author of Fashion Brand Merchandising. Gordan is very active in the fashion industry and recently moved to New Jersey from Texas. Several of the award nominees were seated at his table, along with LIM College's very own Professor Maryanne Grisz, who was live-tweeting for FGI. Although that proved to be a bit of a problem given the architecture of Ciprani. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit this location, it was once a magnificent bank with sweeping ceilings that appear to be five stories high and lots of stone, hence, poor internet reception.

describe the imagePhoto by Erica Young

Fashion designer Ralph Rucci was the guest of honor and he gave an off-the-cuff speech that was filled with great advice for all the potential award recipients. As hoped, the meal was wonderful... and you know how difficult it can be to serve 500 plus people! The choice was beef and more beef, but if you wanted fish they provided it for you, and when I say "beef" it was a filet that resembled a full side of beef! 

One last note -- sitting at the next table was our very own Meredith Finnin and Erica Young and they seemed to be enjoying the festivities as well.

Michael P. Londrigan

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