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My Meeting With An Ambassador

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Many years ago, I read the book Windmills of the Gods. The heroine of the book was an Ambassador. I remember sitting on the beach and exclaiming aloud, "This would be my perfect job.  You deal with world issues by day and then host elegant dinner parties wearing glamorous gowns and host world leaders by night!"  I've long aspired to that type of global role. Alas, that career goal has eluded me.

But I was fortunate enough, yesterday, to meet Ambassador-At-Large, Women's Global Issues, Ambassador Verveer. I do some work in conjunction with Executives Without Borders, specifically on a project called Nanhi Kali. The project was started by the Mahindra Foundation and directs its efforts to aiding female children in India and helping them to go to school. Nanhi Kali provides school uniforms, meals, books and sundry items that are out of reach for many of the poor in India. The principle that education will be most valuable to the economic development of India, and the merits of educating female school children are well-documented.         

Ambassador Verveer visited India last year and was introduced to the details of Nanhi Kali’s efforts. She visited a Nanhi Kali school in Mumbai and saw firsthand the pride and sheer joy of young girls who've been enabled to attend school. Nanhi Kali stands for "little bud" and Ambassador Verveer saw firsthand how these "little buds" were flourishing.

Ambassador Verveer’s enthusiasm about the project was palpable in our meeting: she had infectious energy, exuberance, and excitement. She has put making Nanhi Kali prominent on the agenda at the famous Davos Conference of world political and economic leaders on her “to do” list. For me and my classes, I’m thinking through campaign ideas for the organization, such as  “Get Girls Going.” I’m looking forward to brainstorming further with my “girls collective” to think through how we can make the communications “sing.”

I very much dig the title "Professor Diamond."  But what I'm really jonesing for is to be "Ambassador Diamond." Who knows?  A girl can dream can't she?

-- Heidi Diamond

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