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Meet Professor Andrew Cotto

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Hi. I'm Professor Andrew Cotto, a Lecturer at LIM College in the Department of Arts & Sciences. I'm the course coordinator for Writing Essentials, and I also teach Composition.

I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Lynchburg College in Virginia and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from The New School. This blended academic / creative background is appropriate since I'm also a professional writer.

I'm the author of an award-winning coming-of-age novel and a critically acclaimed noir. I also write for many magazines, websites and newspapers, including regular contributions to The New York Times. My journalism tends to focus on subjects such as travel, food, parenting, politics, and music. I do the occasional book review, as well.

I'm currently revising a novella + short story collection. I also have a TV pilot that is being shopped around the major networks. My next novel will be set in Italy, where I have lived on two separate occasions. My primary location, though, is in Brooklyn with my wife, daughter and son. And dog. 

Here is some of my recent work:


At Heights Chateau, A Welcoming Home for Wine Lovers – The New York Times

A Toothy Welcome to a Family Fish Restaurant on Long Island – The New York Times

A More Authentic Italian Experience, in Santo Spirito – Men’s Journal

Brownsville’s Unlikely Rugby Dynasty – The New York Times

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