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Professors Do Have A Sense Of Humor!

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by Derek Cockle

As proven during our recent trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, Professor Burstein and I did have our fun moments!

Me, with turquoise hair and flowers, at Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I did have hair once and there is Professor Burstein hugging a tree in Kyoto for a long life and fanning himself on the “Shinkansen,” as even on the Bullet Train between Tokyo and Kyoto the humidity followed him.

There is a photo of me once again when we did, “So who has the biggest glasses frames of us all?” Kyoto, June 2014.

It was an amazing trip and soon some of the 1,407 photographs I took will come to light in a PowerPoint presentation. Stay tuned!

Totally Over the top in Tokyo at Bunka Fashion Graduate University.
Hair for the first time in years! Forget the flowers! June 2014.

“I want to live to be 100!” Professor Burstein in Kyoto, June 2014.

Too hot, even on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto. June 2014.

I do have the biggest eyeglass frames! Kyoto. June 2014.

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