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3 Future Jobs in the Business of Fashion

posted by Michael P. Londrigan, Vice President of Academic Affairs


The future of the fashion business is huge.

E-tailers and fashion media and product development are all rocketing forward. New fabrics and textiles are being engineered as we speak. We don’t even know all of the jobs in fashion there’ll be in the future.

But we do know a few. Here's a rundown of three jobs of the fashion-biz future.

1. Product Lifecycle Management. As data science gets bigger and more precise (bringing more jobs along with it), still more energy will need to be put into the product itself. The field of Product Lifecycle Management is growing along with Product Data Management: Sure, we’ll be able to track, down to individual people, what consumers want to buy, how they want to buy it, and how much they’ll wear it. But PLM tracks that product itself: Can it withstand X amount of wear? How is it manufactured? How is it marketed? And is it environmentally conscious? Which brings us to …

2. Sustainability Experts. Sustainability experts will continue to have a place in the fashion industry looking at ways to source product more efficiently and effectively while incorporating strong components of corporate social responsibility. The planet is only so big and we can only abuse it so much.

Sustainability is especially important around “fast fashion.” Those shoes you picked up for super-cheap on Zara—is their material reusable? Were they made in a place that practices safety for the environment and the workers? As the globe heats and resources dwindle, these questions won’t just be about ethics. They’ll also be about productivity.

3. Fashion Media. Already, fashion media is booming. How fashion is marketed and sold is in flux as we speak—Instagram #ads, blogs and Tumblrs, pop-up shops, all of these are megapopular avenues for promoting a trend, a product, or even just an idea. That means there’ll be loads more jobs for editors, writers, photographers, designers, and marketers of all kinds in the next few years. 

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