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Green is the New Black: The Spread of Eco-Friendly Fashion Companies

posted by Brielle Moray


Fashion changes as the world changes. As global warming and pollution endanger the environment, many companies are stepping up. Fashion companies are going green by changing their fabrics and methods of production. Companies are practicing corporate social responsibility by making these changes to their businesses.

Bionic Yarn

A few years ago, G-Star Raw partnered up with the Vortex Project and Parley for the Oceans. They created Bionic Yarn, which is an eco-friendly fabric. The fabric is composed of recycled plastic bottles that were found in the ocean.


Reformation is another fashion company that has taken a stand against environmental dangers. Each of Reformation’s garments are made in house in Los Angeles. This makes it possible to monitor eco-friendly practices in each step of the product’s lifecycle. Also, each garment is listed using a scale to determine how much carbon dioxide and water was saved in production.

Stella Brogue.jpgStella!

Stella McCartney’s London stores are powered by wind energy. The brand also promotes itself as having animal-free products. Their iconic brogue shoes are made from sustainable wood with other renewable resources. Even fast- fashion retailers are promoting eco-friendly practices. H & M’s Conscious line is created using materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled polyamide.


Fashion brands are making their accessories more eco-friendly as well. The fashion company called Illesteva is producing 100 percent biodegradable sunglasses made of acetate flakes and plasticizers from sustainable resources. The brand, Marni, has created a line of jewelry made from vintage vinyl records and recycled plastic bottles.

Gucci_Sunglasses.jpgGucci Goes Green

Gucci has been a leader in the luxury industry for many years. The company sets an example for others by using bamboo in many of their collections such as in handles for handbags and bracelets. Gucci also makes sunglasses composed of bridgeable, liquid wood. The environmental impact of this material is far less than that of ordinary plastic.

Companies such as these are advancing in the industry by making a difference in fashion. These brands are respected for their new technologies and practices that support the environment. The spread of awareness will further impact the way we live today and fashion’s future.

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