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How a Master of Professional Studies from LIM Can Advance Your Career

posted by Jennifer Bullis, Associate Director of Admissions for Graduate Studies

If you're looking to climb the ladder at your current company or become more marketable as you search for a role elsewhere in the fashion industry, consider applying to one of LIM's master's degree programs. We offer a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management, Global Fashion Supply Chain, and Visual Merchandising. Whichever one you choose, here's how the degree can help you move up.


You'll immediately add more value to your company. Designed for beginning or established professionals, our MPS programs each follow a functional curriculum. You'll learn practical skills, principles, and philosophies that you'll be able to apply to your current role the very next day—things like how to edit in-store displays to attract more consumers,   how to restrategize the supply chain to better support your company's long-term goals, or how to better assign responsibilities within a team project. Your boss or supervisor will certainly take note of the fact that you're actively trying to add more value, and what kind of employee is better than that?

Your Rolodex will get bigger. The connections you'll make in any of LIM's graduate programs could end up having a major impact on your career trajectory; after all, opening doors to new opportunities has a lot to do with who you know. For starters, LIM's faculty members—published authors, speakers, CEOs—will gladly help steer you down your ideal career path in any way they can. But your peers, too, may also become a big part of your future. Think about it: the students you'll be taking classes and working on projects with all have the same drive and interests as you—perhaps you'll develop a relationship that turns into a joint professional venture, or a win-win situation where you're able to help a student out at your company and vice versa. You never know!

You'll glean insider insights that will change the way you think. One of the best parts of being a graduate student at LIM: access to our CEO Speaker Series. Throughout the course of each program, we invite fashion industry CEOs and presidents to campus to dish about their experiences in the fashion industry and what it took for them to get to the top. Some examples of previous speakers include Steven Sadove, CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue; Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc.; Paul Charron, former CEO of Liz Claiborne, Inc.; and Susan Davidson, president and CEO of Zac Posen and Scoop NYC. How does meeting them and hearing about their challenges and successes help advance your career? Learning from the best of the best could assist you in making smarter decisions about where you go next, being braver when it comes to taking chances, or changing the way you perform in your current role to better show that you're a force to be reckoned with.

So what do you say? Ready to gain these benefits and others by becoming an MPS grad student at LIM? We're ready to hear from you.


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