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How to Dress Like a New Yorker: Fall/Winter Edition

posted by Urvi Mehta

dress-2.jpgStudying Fashion in New York City? It cannot really get better than that! New York City is such a melting pot of culture and style and every street is definitely comparable to a runway. Take the time to look up from your phone and look around and you’d be amazed to see such a huge range of people and their personal style. But broadly, New Yorkers do tend to dress a certain way and most often than not, you will find elements of typical New York Style in their OOTD’s.

dress 3.jpgSo how are New Yorkers dressing as the weather gets colder? Well Layer, layer and layer. That’s always the key to dressing warm and New York is one place where you can go crazy experimenting with layers. Wear a skirt over a legging, a sweater over a coat or put on a bright red faux fur coat, whatever tickles your imagination. However, what are the key style tricks you need to know to pass off as a New Yorker?

dress 2.jpg1. Leather jackets, all day long. New Yorkers wear their moto jackets all year round. It’s a basic wardrobe staple that definitely elevates a basic jeans and white t-shirt combination almost instantly. I almost always have mine in my backpack!

2. New York streets are filled with people wearing BLACK! All black outfits have never been so appealing. A true New Yorker knows how to carry an all-black outfit with pizzazz. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good with literally any accessory.

3. Sneakers save your feet. If you live in New York, sneakers are an absolute must have. Granted we all like to strut the streets in our fancy stilettos but be smart and carry a pair of shoes or flats for the walk to the subway. Or invest in comfortable platform heels or stylish loafers if you aren’t into wearing sneakers with your outfits. I have worn my adidas shoes about 80% of the time I have been here!

dress 4.jpg4. Every now and then, it’s important to break the monotony of blacks and greys. New Yorkers know that, which is why they will always have a statement piece of jewelry, a bright bag to add a pop of color to the outfit or a cool pair of sunglasses. Details are key.

5. Coats for the win for those cold, New York days. No matter how many jackets you own, a long wool blend coat thrown over any outfit is sure to elevate your look. So dress like the New Yorkers do and remember that the most important accessory is confidence!