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How to Feel Confident in Any Interview: Four Tips You Need to Know

posted by Casey Miller


Interviews can be stressful. After the Career Fair last semester, I had eight interviews in two weeks, including ones via phone, Skype, and in corporate offices.

It was hectic, but after each interview I realized that my confidence was growing. I started to feel my nerves calming and I began actually looking forward to each meeting. Keep reading for my tips on how to feel confident in any interview.

Read Up

In our industry it’s very important to keep up with trends. My favorite fashion news outlets are WWD, Business of Fashion, and Who What Wear as well as the magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Employers like when you do your research. Following companies’ social media accounts and press will give you plenty of material to work with. You can seriously impress an interviewer by mentioning their latest press clip or advertising campaign. Talk about your favorite blogger collaboration or piece in their collection. They will appreciate your attention to detail.

Be Prepared

Prep and plan. This can not be stressed enough! Would you go into a test without knowing any of the material? If so, let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t do very well.

Interviews are very similar.You should utilize websites such as Glassdoor to find reviews on a company’s interview process as well specific interview questions from previous candidates. Prepare clear examples that can measure your relevant experience and skills.

When interviewing at Christian Siriano, I expressed how my editorial experience from a previous internship would benefit a position in PR. Brands are constantly working with editors to try to get their designs featured and knowledge of how other side operates is very valuable.

Look The Part

Have you ever heard the quote, dress for the job you want? In the fashion industry this is especially true. Create a capsule of a few interview outfits that you feel confident in. If you look great, you’ll feel great.

Remember, They’re Already Interested

It’s easy to be intimidated when going in for an interview. Just remember, whoever was recruiting for the position thought you could potentially be a good fit.

This means that something made you stand out. Whether they liked your resume, or were impressed during a previous encounter, someone wanted to continue a conversation to learn more about what you can bring to the table. This alone should be a confidence boost. Recruiters receive hundreds if not thousands of resumes every single day and are constantly meeting people looking for employment. If you made it past the preliminary stage and scored an interview, that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

Good Luck on your next interview!

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