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My Internship at Christian Siriano

posted by Casey Miller


Over winter break I secured an internship with luxury womenswear designer Christian Siriano, as a Public Relations Intern. I found this internship at the LIM College Fall Career Fair. (Shout out to EECM!)

The Sales Director of Christian Siriano, Thomas, was interviewing students and we really hit it off during my sit down. When I told him I was looking for a winter internship, he gave me his business card and told me to follow up. I emailed him right away and we set up a second interview with the Public Relations Coordinator and LIM Alum, Catherine Lewis.

When I arrived at Christian Siriano’s office and showroom in the Garment District, I felt as though I stepped into the real life interior design section of Pinterest. There were beautiful coffee table books stacked on every surface and the furnishings were to die for.

A shoot was going on so Catherine took me into the sample closet and conducted my interview surrounded by luxurious gowns. After our meeting, she gave me the internship on the spot, and I accepted!

Christian Siriano operates as an all hands on deck company; everyone works together. I was the only winter intern, so whether I was running $10,000 worth of pieces in garment bags to shoots through the streets of New York, helping pull for celebrity clients or assisting the sales team with Farfetch orders, I was touching every part of the business side of the brand. I was working on projects I didn’t expect to, including in merchandising and sales, but it made for a more well-rounded experience.

One of my biggest learning moments was when Thomas taught me how to merchandise a rack. I’m a marketing student, so this was something I had never done.

After he told me the rack I had pulled together looked hideous, in a humorous way, he gave me guidance on how to do it right. He told me to start by picking a color that showcases the collection and group similar styles together from light to dark. The trick is to envision what your dream rack would look like, that’s the key to making it to look the most shoppable. Now, I’m obsessed with merchandising, I do it in my current internship at Ann Taylor, and even my own closet!

 Although I was only there for about two months, I covered a lot of ground assisting in market week and awards season.  I was also given the opportunity to come back and work backstage at Christian's show during February's NYFW, which was an unbelievable experience.

Christian was also always in the office, which I loved. His work ethic and business skills are apparent as someone who built his company from the ground up led by a dream and vision.

What some people don’t know, is that Christian is a very relatable, nice, and generous person. He is an advocate for body positivity and equality for all, and I find that very inspiring.

I have always been a big fan of his, not only because he designs gorgeous clothing, but also because of his social actions. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be his intern! If you want to be inspired too, check out and follow him on Instagram at @csiriano.




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