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My Internship at Hearst Corporation

posted by Urvi Mehta

hearst 1.jpgThis Fall semester, I had the pleasure of interning at Town & Country, a leading luxury and lifestyle magazine, which is part of Hearst Corporation. I was very lucky to have found this internship through LIM’s job and internship search site. Since Hearst has such an excellent reputation in the media industry, you can only imagine my excitement!


hearst 3.jpgI was employed as an advertising and marketing Intern and I think it was extremely relevant for me as a marketing major to learn the behind the scenes of the oldest running luxury print publication. The funny part? It’s nothing like the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Most people have the misconception that working at a magazine is intimidating and that people are rude to you. My experience at Town & Country was the exact opposite. Everyone was super sweet and helpful and I got to learn so much, from my supervisors to the publisher of the magazine.

My favorite part about the whole experience was that I got to work at the Hearst Tower on Columbus Circle which is one of New York’s must-see buildings. The magazine’s office is on the 33rd floor, so the views were spectacular.

I worked with the ads and sales assistants and reps and learned how a magazine pitches to luxury brands in order for them to advertise in the magazine. The internship was super flexible, which is why I also got to work with the Marketing team. I was able to apply the concepts I was learning from my internship to my LIM courses.

hearst 4-979126-edited.jpgI would say, as an international student that it’s so important to work as many internships as you can. Every experience is such a great opportunity to learn and I feel they will add up when the time comes to enter the industry. I made some great connections and asked my supervisors to be my personal references at the end of my internship. I think this will make a great impact in my career.

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