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Not Your Boyfriend’s Jeans - The Rise of Gender Neutral Clothing

posted by Brielle Moray

Recently, the LGBTQ community has been making strides in creating versatile clothing for everyone. Genderless clothing blurs the boundary between menswear and womenswear.

Though there have always been people in the world who don’t fit into the mold society expects them to be within. People are starting to become more aware of this diversity. In turn, they are converting this diversity into fashion pieces.

In the luxury industry, the designer Pierre Davis has a brand called “NO SESSO” that creates gender neutral clothing. In Italian, “NO SESSO” means no sex/no gender. The brands philosophy is to create, “a world of fashion and art inclusive of LGBTQ and ethnic identities.”


Pierre Davis / No Sesso

The company was established in Seattle in 2013, but relaunched their brand in Los Angeles in 2015. The designs use textiles, patterns, and reconstructed materials to create diverse looks for everyone. Another unique feature to Davis’ brand is the hand-stitched embroidery that embellishes the garments.

On Davis said that, “Everyone needs clothing that makes them feel comfortable, clothing that makes them feel safe.” His main goal is to create looks that bridge the gap between people who did not have access to the luxury industry before. Davis is also looking to donate to organizations that help homeless transgender women of color and sex workers.



The models adorning the clothes on the website are males and females. Volker Ketteniss, director of menswear at WGSN said on, “At one end (of the genderless trend), you have clothes that are uniform and neutral enough to look quite normal on either sex.


Zara / Ungendered

On the most basic level, that’s what Zara is doing.” Ketteniss also said, “What’s true is that men’s and women’s lifestyles and interests are more similar today than they ever were. Brands are increasingly keen to reach male and female customers with the same message.”

In the fast fashion industry, Zara has created a genderless clothing line as well. The 16-piece collection is called “Ungendered.” It is composed of items under $50 such as jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts in neutral colors.

As the line becomes more blurred between male and female clothing, what does this mean for the fashion industry? Surely, both genders will still have their own unique sections and styles within the industry. However, more people will be able to be themselves and feel special in their attire. Gender neutral clothing opens a door to many more possibilities within the fashion industry. 

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