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Tips for Making Your Resume Shine

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Nov 24, 2015 @ 04:10 PM

by Laura Lynch

hiring.jpgResumes are probably the bane of everyone’s existence. They’re pesky and tedious, but they are so important. Having your best resume possible is what you should strive for, but how do you make your resume stand out?

I spend more time looking at my resume more than anything else on my computer and luckily we live in a time where as college students and young professionals we have a distinct advantage that our parents didn’t have; The internet.

But, before we get technical and upload resumes online, there are some important things to note. It is always good to have another set of eyes look over your resume because people see things that you may potentially miss.

In my current position we continually do this with each other when we have downtime. You may think you have perfectly described your job, but getting the feedback from your peers and professors about how you’re sounding (i.e. are you rambling, sounding repetitive, etc.) is probably the smartest thing you could do. Let other people edit for you and give your eyes a break.

Utilize the career center at LIM…"Oh but I don’t have time...blah blah blah." Trust me you’ll be glad you did. EECM services can help with resume formatting, editing, career goal setting and so much more that will get you where you want to be.

Remember your resume should not be longer than one page. Anything longer and you run the risk of not being considered for a job. Time and again I hear employers mention people with resumes that are too long and they don’t always have the kindest things to say. Keep it short sweet and to the point.

 Always keep your resume up to date. You wouldn’t want to leave important details out of your family biography so don’t leave important details out of your resume. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference in determining whether you get a job or not. So if you helped write, design, participated in xyz for whatever company and it was of significant importance, use your better judgment and put it on your resume if you think it will aide you. Even though you’re sending one page of your job history, have a notebook with more points from your job duties if you have had a lot of things to do.

At the end of the day the goal with your resume is to get the job that you want and your resume is the best way to do that so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.

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Read About One Grad Student's Internship at Ann Inc.

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Nov 19, 2015 @ 01:19 PM

by Leah Francis


As a LIM College Center for Graduate Studies student, Whitney McCollins had come to a milestone in her journey. It was her first day as a visual merchandising intern at Ann Inc. at 10 Times Square.

Sitting at the welcome orientation where the company and different brands were introduced, she thought back to majoring in Fashion Marketing at the University of Memphis. Now Whitney was in her final semester as a grad student with a goal to become the Director of Visuals for a fashion retailer.

Whitney began her career in retail when she was 18 years old and after college became the visual merchandiser for American Apparel where she would put together window displays and worked on merchandising for the entire store. For Whitney, visual merchandising is something that she really enjoys and she's a natural at it. But, wanting to reach higher heights wasn't going to happen in Memphis. In New York, the fashion capital of the world, there were a lot more resources and opportunity.

That day at Ann Inc. was a culmination of two semesters of classes filled with papers, group projects, and presentations. LIM offers the internship course in a grad student's last semester so that the student can get hands-on training that is so important in the fashion world. 

Whitney had applied to ten companies and went on eight interviews. A person from Ann Inc. reached out to her to come in for an interview and then she was offered the internship. It was definitely the right fit as they acknowledged her previous experiences in the field and were very open to the paths she wanted to explore.

So, all her hard work had paid off with a good, solid internship. Whitney was at a place where she could build on her accomplishments and strive toward a fantastic future. The studying, the classes, and all her efforts had definitely been worth it.

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Going Back to School, Graduate School!

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 03:04 PM

by JaNaie Fort

Deciding to go back to school was a decision I made after realizing I really wanted to focus on marketing. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Industry Management, which covered merchandising, design, textiles and marketing. I really was fortunate to receive such a well-rounded education, but I always enjoyed marketing more than anything else.

Once I came across LIM College's Center for Graduate Studies MPS in Fashion Marketing program, I realized it was exactly what I wanted to do. Since a Master of Professional Studies is focused on a specific area, I felt like it would be perfect for me in my hopes of changing from the merchandising field to marketing.

I think that with my current knowledge of buying and merchandising I can be even more beneficial to a company. Having multiple perspectives can only help me in the long run. My dream job would be to work in brand management or consulting. I would love to help a company develop their brand image and develop an ideal marketing campaign to achieve such.

Obtaining an MPS degree will set me ahead of the competition simply because not many people in the industry go on to further their education while gaining real industry experience. Regardless of where my career path takes me, LIM’s MPS program has made me a more well rounded individual with an even broader professional network.

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! (Around Campus)

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 02:24 PM

by Achala Ganesan

One of the great things about LIM College is that we can truly call Manhattan our campus! As a busy graduate student, I often have work to get to, errands to run in the city, or people to meet. And instead of going back home in between, it makes more sense for me to stick around and explore the city a bit. I’ve discovered some of my favorite hangouts and haunts in Midtown Manhattan because of this and I’d love to share!

1. Best Quick Meal : Bento Sushi (635 Third Ave)

I think I discovered this my first week here. I’m a sushi addict (I have a loyalty card!), so finding a place so close to class was a bonus for me. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy or have to buy overly expensive healthy food in the city, but this place is pretty decently priced. The staff are really friendly and there is seating near the window if you want to people watch while you eat!

2. Best spot to have a quiet read: Greenacre Park (217 E. 51st St.)

This is probably one of midtown’s best kept secrets. This tiny park nestled among the buildings is the perfect reading spot. It has a three-level garden with a stunning waterfall at the far end. It’s really close to the Maxwell Hall location, so you can take your lunch or coffee there before class. Photography isn’t allowed, so no #waterfallselfies!

3. Best lunch spot: Bryant Park (42nd St. between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

During the summer, and especially during orientation, it’s safe to say I was here almost every day. The atmosphere is just amazing, there are so many people, but you still feel like you can relax and find a peaceful spot. You have a view of the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and the New York Public Library as well! There’s a reading area that lets you borrow material and sit around and read if you don’t have your own book. It also has a great waffle place that does delectable desserts!

4. Best place to get away from it all: Central Park (E. 59th St. and Fifth Avenue onwards)

I’m around Fifth and 53rd a lot because of work, and I often have an hour to kill before I have to head to class. Now that the weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing, Central Park is the most beautiful place to be. I love taking a book and strolling by the duck pond and just sitting on one of the benches. It’s like a fairytale! And although you will still have some tourists, it’s a lot less populated than some of the lawns.


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How to Find Internships: Networking and Symplicity

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Nov 03, 2015 @ 03:49 PM

by Nicola Anderson 

At this point in the semester, all of you are probably placed at an internship. Some of you may not be interning this semester, but are required to intern in the spring. Whatever the case, it is never too early to start thinking about and researching which positions are open and which interest you!

Over the summer, I decided I wanted hands-on industry experience so I immediately got on Symplicity. It is an awesome tool provided by the school to search for openings in a variety of fields pertaining to fashion, such as visual merchandising, sales, logistics, public relations, etc.

After applying through the site, I found a great internship for a contemporary women’s fashion wholesaler. Although the internship was in sales, a field I was not primarily looking to work in, I accepted the position. It was a small company and I was actually able to be of help in every aspect of the operation, whether it was visuals, textiles, customer service, or even accounting.

My time at that company was beneficial, however I knew I still wanted to explore the buying “side” of the retail process. When buyers came into the showroom at the wholesaler, I wanted to learn more about how they worked. This is when I started talking to my classmates…

Networking was the tool which helped me to obtain my current internship for the buying and planning retail team at Jimmy Choo. I used to talk to one of my fabulous classmates everyday about her internship there and I was fascinated by what she was learning. When an intern abruptly left the company, my peer had me in mind to fill the void. Knowing I was already interested, she told me about the opening and was able to schedule an interview for me. Along with the awesome connection I had, I studied the company to prepare for the interviews and got the job!

Whether conscious or not, networking is one of the best tools to facilitate the internship process. In my case, the internship opening happened in the middle of the summer semester, therefore it would have been more difficult to find out about it because I would not have thought to look at postings then.

All in all, I have learned that word of mouth is underrated and that timelines are flexible. Basically, where there is a will, there is a way! So start looking at openings now and talk to as many people as you can, because opportunities can present themselves in unexpected places.

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Internship Duties at Jimmy Choo: Working an Off-site Event in the Hamptons

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Oct 29, 2015 @ 02:29 PM

by Nicola Anderson

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to participate in an exciting event at my Jimmy Choo internship. It was a charity affair which required months of planning and involved setting up an entire boutique in a client’s private home in the Hamptons!

This was a truly unique occasion where I was able to support the team by checking stock, running to grab inventory, and delivering optimal customer service. Although exhausting, it proved to be one of my favorite experiences yet as an intern.   

When I arrived in the Hamptons with my department earlier in the day, I was amazed to find how the IT, retail, visual, and public relations teams coordinated together to create the “JC” experience in an off-site location. The shoes, handbags, and accessories were perfectly curated and merchandised in a large lounge area inside and outside the client’s stunning home.

In terms of visual displays, many angled shoe stands and risers were used as it was necessary to create an appropriate planogram for the space given and to accommodate the list of over one hundred attendees. After walking around and admiring the visual displays, I noticed IT set up a point-of-sale area in the foyer where Jimmy Choo clients could purchase from associates.

The displays were awe-inspiring and it was awesome that we were able to create a complete retail experience. However, I must say that what impressed me the most was when I made my way downstairs away from the party and the glamorous guests.

Our allocator temporarily transported hundreds of shoes to the estate for the day and the bottom floor of the home was transformed into an enormous stock room. Stacked to the ceiling was a wide assortment of Jimmy Choo’s latest styles, and the team and myself frequently ran up and down to acquire shoes for the demanding, refined clientele.       

The entire experience helped me realize that even an event which lasted just four hours is incredibly labor intensive. The logistics and planning which can go into a special event or pop-up shop is important and time consuming. These factors are significant nonetheless because these occasions can be beneficial for branding and sales. 

I am certainly looking forward to the next charity event the client will be hosting in a few months, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated! :-)

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Full-time Assistant Buyer, Part-time MPS Fashion Marketing Student

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 12:39 PM

by JaNaie Fort

I’m JaNaie Fort, part-time MPS Fashion Marketing Student and full-time Assistant Buyer at Burlington Stores. The world of merchandising can be a very fast paced place and no day is like the last. Needless to say juggling graduate school and work can sometimes be a challenge.

One thing I love about LIM is that their graduate classes are in the evenings so they make it a lot easier to continue working while I further my education. Many of the other graduate school programs I researched would have required me to quit my full-time job, which, for me and many people I know, was not an option. After all, my bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

I have had people at both work and school ask me how I maintain studying, school work and continue to perform my best at work. My answer is always prioritizing. Even when I was working on my undergrad degree and interning I was always making sure to work on one task at a time in order of urgency and importance.

Another thing that really helps me is writing everything down on my calendar or planner. And when I say everything I mean everything! Not only does writing everything down help me figure out what needs to be done in what order it also helps me stay on top of my social life as well.

For instance, this week is my best friend's birthday so we’ll be going out to dinner, I wrote this down in my planner because I know that the case study I have due the next day needs to be completed prior to going out. Of course I still have to make time for fun or I’d go crazy. It all comes down to good planning and staying organized.

Working full-time and going to school can be tiring, but the reward of receiving a deeper knowledge of the fashion industry is definitely worth it. I know that in the end this will only help me to succeed in my career goals.

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Congrats! You Got the Interview! Now What?

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 11:33 AM

by Caroline Franco

Congratulations, you've landed an interview! Now, that's not how most companies approach a candidate for an interview, but that's how most of us read, (with excitement!), an email that invites us for an interview.

Interviews can be intimidating, yet one of the best things that could happen to you. It's like going on a blind-date. You're going in to an office to get to know the company, to see if it's the right fit for you, to see if they have the benefits you're looking for and, above all, to see if the place gives you butterflies in your stomach.

I have applied to countless jobs. Some positions are questionable, others I do for fun.  (I really did appy for a VP marketing position fresh out of undergrad—but in my defense they didn't list qualifications and sadly I did not get the job). However, the majority of the jobs I have applied for are positions that I can see myself in, working for companies that I know will help mold my career and future.

I have been to plenty of interviews—some good, some bad—but what keeps me sane is telling myself: You and the interviewer are humans. (I know, shocking realization!) Interviewers have feelings, goals, likes, dislikes, friends, their own opinion about who should have been voted off the Bachelor, and so on. Once you get past the fear of being “beneath” the interviewer and see eye-to-eye, things gets easier.

I remember going in for an internship interview for Harpers Bazaar and it was a disaster. It was one of those days when everything goes wrong—including forgetting my resume and showing up late. But, although this cost me a position and my foot in the door of a high-end fashion magazine, it taught me something: Survival.

Yes, I was nervous and I felt a little inferior, kind of like Betty from Ugly Betty, but it taught me to be more confident and believe in myself. Showing up to an interview late and with no resume should never happen but sometimes, it does. At the time, I knew, and still know, I have the right skills for the job and could have talked the interviewer through my experiences, but I shut myself down.

In class we're taught the do's and dont's of what to do during an interview, but when you're sitting in the hot seat, things tend to build up. It's up to you to make a good impression, but it's also up to you to make the interviewer like you for who you are, your personality, and your knowledge.

Of course you have to talk about your skills, but also you have to show personality because at the end of the day they can teach an individual how to work on their weaknesses (one of the worst questions during an interview), but they can't change a person's personality. I have landed many positions and have been rejected by many too, but one thing's for sure, they always mention my energy and how easygoing I am.

So take note everyone... Be confident wherever you may land an interview and let your personality shine. Although you may not have everything they're looking for, you might be just who they're looking for.

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Five Tips for a Successful Career Fair

Posted by LIM College on Wed, Oct 21, 2015 @ 01:31 PM

by Edel Singh

One of the great perks of attending LIM College is that we get endless opportunities for networking with industry professionals. Coming up on October 27 is the Career Fair in Maxwell Hall where an impressive amount of employers come to the College to meet, greet and interview the students.

I've attend some previous Career Fairs and this has given me some experience and knowledge regarding do’s and don'ts. Here are my five tips on how to successfully maneuver the Career Fair.

Your resume: One of the most important things to bring is your resume. The College has a specified template, and it is recommended to use it. Also, make sure that your resume is customized to the companies you’re applying to as Urban Outfitters has a different vision and approach than Bergdorf Goodman. If you have a portfolio, bring that too, along with your business cards.

Dress business casual: Needless to say, this is not the day to show up in sweatpants and a hoodie. However, I’ve also seen some unexpected reactions when employers have talked to students wearing suits. Show them who you are in an appropriate and professional manner.

Research the companies: We all get a list of the businesses attending so single out the ones you want to talk to and research them. Read about the history of those companies and make sure that you’re updated on current events at the companies and the industry.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Even when you’ve researched a company, you can’t possibly know what it’s like to work there. Make sure you ask them plenty of questions to show that you’re willing to learn more. It does not look good if you're asked if you have any questions and your answer is, “No.” Here is a short list of sample questions that I always ask:

  • How would you define customer service?
  • Do internships have the possibility of transitioning into jobs?
  • What are your expectations for an intern?
  • What is your employee/intern turnover. (Be careful with this one.)
  • How many employees/interns do you (usually) have?

Be confident, not cocky: You’re the one approaching the companies, not the other way around so be sure that you’re humble yet assertive when talking to the representatives. Also, make sure that you make a good impression on the companies that you’re not there to see as you might end up working for them one day (like me at Michael Kors). Don’t say anything negative about the people there or the companies. Show proper manners, remember to smile, and be cordial while presenting your set of skills and knowledge. These are the things that will get you far in life, not the amount of money you spend on fashion. This is something you’ll hear repeatedly while attending LIM College.

Good luck!

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From India to NYC!

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 12:45 PM

by Achala Ganesan

Illustration by Achala Ganesan

I think I was around fifteen when I decided I wanted to move to New York City. I didn’t know when or how I’d do it, but I knew I wanted, to quote Sinatra, to "be a part of it." 

Studying fashion design as an undergrad really opened my eyes to the different elements of the fashion industry. During my study abroad semester at the University of Leeds, UK, I took a few marketing and branding courses and fell in love with the business side of fashion.

This was a defining point in my education, and I realized that I wanted to go back to school and pursue a degree in fashion marketing and branding.

After I graduated, I worked as a designer with a bespoke start-up company. One of my responsibilities was to manage the social media marketing and blogging accounts. I really enjoyed creating ad campaigns and dabbling with marketing, which really justified my need to go back to school to learn more.

I found LIM while scouring the internet. I was very specific on coming to NYC, and that narrowed my search down considerably. While looking at schools though, I really didn't like the course structure at most of them. 

As dramatic as this may sound, I had almost given up when I found LIM! The MPS (Master of Professional Studies) seemed like the perfect fit for me. It was streamlined, focused and would even give me industry experience, all in the span of one year.

So if you’re in the same position that I was and are thinking about applying to LIM's Center of Graduate Studies , here is some insight into the application process.

1. You’ll need to fill out an application form and answer three short essay questions. Don’t get flustered. They’re extremely well-focused questions that allow you to tell LIM a lot more about yourself and your goals than a regular Statement of Purpose would!
2. You will also have a short Skype interview where you will be asked to talk about your academic and work experience.
3. Finally, if you’ve been accepted, congratulations! You will be notified pretty quickly as LIM follows a rolling admissions process. You can then start getting all your required documents in order. I am an international student so VISA documentation was a must.

The application process was very easy to follow. A LIM representative was always in touch with me and open to answering any queries that I had. It is also well worth checking their social media pages as they always have information on open house dates or international campus visits. (Check out this page of the website for all LIM College social media.)

If the business of fashion is your calling, and you want to move to New York, LIM is truly the place to be!

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