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Know What You're Worth

Posted by LIM College on Fri, Jan 29, 2016 @ 04:01 PM

by Victoria Stankus


During my senior co-op semester as an undergrad at LIM I took a course called Leadership & Negotiation. This class teaches about the proper tools you need to negotiate salary. This class empowers you, makes you gain confidence, and feel comfortable asking for what you believe you deserve which came in very handy for me.

As I had written in my previous blog, a company that I interviewed with had offered me a salary that I was not comfortable with taking right away. I was very nervous negotiating, but I knew that there was no other way to possibly get something that would make me feel that my education and all my internship experience had paid off. Keep in mind, I had people tell me that I shouldn’t negotiate, even people that are in my close support loop, but I decided to go with my gut and ask for more anyway.

money-case-1.jpgIt's quite a feeling that is hard to explain when you are writing the email asking for a higher wage, then waiting for a reply and worrying that it might not work out and maybe you just lost your shot of having a job where your skills are wanted and needed.

It turned out that they came back with a counter offer, and although it was not what I had originally asked for, they met me halfway and I got a more money than I would have if I decided not to try. In fact, if I didn’t negotiate, I probably wouldn’t have even taken the job. If a company wants you, they will pay for you, and that is the truth.

You get a feeling of pride when you negotiate a salary since about more than half the people who get offers accept the first one and almost all the women who get offers NEVER negotiate. It's time that our generation takes a stand and shows our future employers that we know what we are worth and we’re not afraid to ask for it, because at the end of the day we are going to prove to them we are worth it, and more.

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What to Wear at Your Spring Internship

Posted by LIM College on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 02:46 PM

by JaNaie Fort

Spring semester has officially started which means a lot of students will begin spring internships. Starting a new internship can be an exciting but nerve-racking time, and for fashion students, one of the biggest worries is what to wear. As a former intern and someone who has worked in a number of different work environments, I can understand the desire to look good yet appropriate and feel like you belong there. Here are a few fashion tips I have to look your best.

1. Comfort is key

Red_Pump.jpgI’m sure you want to show everyone how trendy and fashion forward you are, but your internship may not be the place you want to wear those new stilettos that you can only take for about an hour before your feet are killing you. Most interns are on their toes quite a bit whether it be organizing the sample closet or fetching coffee. (Yes,I know it’s annoying, but sometimes it comes with the job.) The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while you’re working hard.

 2. Don’t over accessorize

Statement_Necklace.jpgAs far as accessories go, less is more. You want to draw attention to your personality and work ethic. Too many accessories can distract from that. My “go-to” is always a statement necklace. I usually like to keep the rest of my jewelry pretty tame so that the uniqueness of the necklace speaks for itself and adds a little sparkle to any outfit.

3. Remain professional

Always remember that you are in a work environment. Something you might wear out on a Saturday night with friends might not be the right choice for the office. Modest hemlines and looser fitting silhouettes are safest. Rule of thumb, if you have to question whether it’s appropriate to wear to work, it probably isn’t.Suits.jpg

4. Ask around

Every workplace has a different office culture. Some places are more laid back and casual, while others require you to be more formal. Once you start working you’ll get a better feel for what the everyday wardrobe is. Sometimes people will dress up for important meetings. Ask your fellow co-workers or your supervisor about the dress-code prior to your first day. It’ll help you avoid being over or underdressed.


 5smiley.jpg. Smile!

Go in with a positive attitude and be ready to make the best impression possible. After all, it could lead to your dream job!

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Hits and Misses in Fashion in 2015

Posted by LIM College on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 02:52 PM

by Achala Ganesan

The past year has seen a tremendous number of trends in both fashion and beauty. While some of them have us all hooked and will probably be around for a while, others need to be put to rest and burned at the stake.

Let’s take a look at some of fashion’s hits from the past year.

1. Oxblood is the new black

Jumpsuit_ox_blood.jpgcoach_ox_blood_bag.jpgThis color had us all swooning at the start of the year. It’s a rich, deep red that looks insanely polished and expensive no matter what the price.

It’s a brilliant alternative to black, and is definitely making its way up there to the staple colors men and women need in their wardrobes. I can see this sticking around for a long time! 

2. Denim on Denim

This is definitely a nod to that 90s trend of wearing head to toe denim just because Jennifer Aniston wore it on Friends. The new, fresh, 2015 Denim_on_Denim.jpginterpretations are casual, comfortable and chic. The silhouettes were more contemporary and we saw models like Kendall Jenner channelling this too by mixing up shades and weights of denim to create a put together look.

3. Athleisure's hot minute

Altleisure_2.jpgThe idea wearing your gym wear to places that well, weren’t the gym, had a lot of people wondering what was going on. But it definitely started to grow on people with brands like Lulu Lemon and Nike offering people a more fashionable alternative to saggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirts.

This also led people to realize that they don’t need to bring a change of clothes to the gym, and could just head out for a bite to eat in their work-out wear without people looking at them funny.

I personally love the paneled legging trend that came out of this, and I will definitely be getting some soon! 

And now for the misses...

1. Fur Overload

Shoe_Fur.jpgFur (both real and faux) has been having their moment on trims and details over the past couple of years. But Fur_jacket.jpgcome 2015, designers responded to the positive reception and went a little overboard. Scratch that, they went completely overboard. Fur started appearing in places that fur need not be. It served no functional nor aesthetic purpose and it needs to stop.

2. Normcore is not the new normal

Normcore.jpgThis trend (or lack of) is quite the anti-fashion statement. It reflects how non-conformance to style can still be chic and statement-making in itself. Although I do understand what it’s trying to convey, and I get where it’s coming from. However, some of the clothing items that have been worn in the name of normcore are quite painful to the eyes. The weird, almost unsaturated colors paired with the complete lack of silhouette or shaping in some cases make me wonder why anyone would manufacture these items in bulk. On purpose.

3. Overly Aggressive Statement Tees

Statement_Tee_2.jpgWhen statement and graphic tees came out they were a brilliant staple. You could throw them on during your lazy days, layer it up with a jacket and some ripped jeans and you were definitely the cool kid on the block.

Statement_tee_1.jpgBut then, this trend started to get a tiny bit absurd with overly passive-ggressive messages being printed on them which, far from being cool, looked a lot like attention seeking, and not in the good way. The lesson learned here, folks, is that if you can’t say it to someone in person, don’t put it on a t-shirt!


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Looking for a Job

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 11:27 AM

By Victoria Stankus


Should you say no to an opportunity?

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, you’re not sure what that reason is. People tell you that if study hard and do well in school you will land the job of your dreams. It is that simple. But is it?

During the months leading up to graduation, looking for job had moments that were both stressful and terrifying. There are jobs that you apply for knowing that you don’t even really want them, but hey, a job is a job, and of course, who doesn't want (or need) a job?

I received an offer for a position in a company that I was not thrilled about. Now, I have always been the type that wants to be in love with what I do, because it drives me to walk through the doors in the morning and do the best I can with a smile on my face.

Needless to say, I took the job and began thinking that there had to be a reason why I'm supposed to be with this company. I remembered my conversation with Lou Amendola, CMO of Brooks Brothers, who told me “To never say no to an opportunity even though it may not be what you want. It is still experience and will make you into the person you are meant to be.” So, I guess this company is my stepping stone to greatness.

While I was interning at Paul Stuart, I had a talk with my supervisor, Bob Green, CMO, who also said something that stuck with me. "If you have the ability to take a job that focuses more on building a foundation and experience, take it. This will help you climb up the ladder easier and successfully instead of struggling.”

What I am trying to tell all of you is that when you are looking for a job, it's alright to take something that might not be what you want, for it will build you in to the person that you are meant to be. The career of your dreams will come, and when it does, you will be even more proud of yourself since you fought harder to be there than another person. That fight and desire goes a farther distance than having what you want come easy. Fight for your dreams, and never, ever, stop.

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Getting Ready for the Spring Graduate Semester

Posted by LIM College on Fri, Jan 08, 2016 @ 04:36 PM

by Achala Ganesan

heart_stones-1.jpgThe start of a new semester, let alone a whole new year, is like life throwing you a Monday morning to an infinite power. There is something to be said about that “going back to school” feeling after the holidays. You’ve probably spent an amazing time with your family, eaten your weight in good food, and had a lovely time. And now you’re recharged, refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running for the new semester!

Looking back on your previous semester, I’m sure you’ve had time to think about the things you know you excelled at and areas that in which you could improve. Take an objective look and start making a plan to help you overcome those obstacles and setbacks in the new semester.

There are some tips that I’d like to share to help any of you out there who want to make this semester a stress-free, smooth, and organised one. This way, by planning ahead, you’ll be able to have freer weekends, more relaxed holidays when you do have them, and all in all, have a great term.

Folio.jpg1. Write up a calendar with your classes, work or internship schedules. This way, you’ll know how much time you’ll realistically have for homework, hitting the gym, hobbies, and going out.

2. It’s also a good idea to make a checklist of things you’ll need for the new term. Be it books, supplies, winter wear (!), stuff for your room or even a gorgeous new bag, which of course is necessary for academic success!

3. Go out and get yourself some new school supplies. They don’t need to be fancy. Just something new so you feel like it’s a fresh start. This could totally be the placebo effect, but I always feel like new notebooks and pens are going to help me get (and stay!) organized. Scour the internet for some inspiration for planners, files and notecards. Who said study material needs to be boring?

Desk.jpg4. Write down a list of goals for the new term. These need not be school related and can be things you want to achieve outside of school. The items on your list can be work related, developing a new hobby or even a bit of traveling. This will give you some great work-life balance and will help you stay sane and motivated during midterms and finals!

5. Do some spring cleaning in your room! Put up some art, rearrange the furniture and make sure your study and work area is clutter free. This will create a functional work space and a place that you’ll want to come back to after a hard day.

6. And as always, think positive! You’re going to face things that you didn’t expect, but it’s important to keep calm, not freak out, and remember that every deadline, exam, submission, journal entry, interview, and presentation shall pass!

So, good luck to all of you, and have a wonderful semester!

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Finding Balance for Your Life in Graduate School

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Dec 10, 2015 @ 10:33 AM

by Nicola Anderson

clock.jpgAs many of you, my fellow grad students, can relate, achieving harmony among a demanding full-time internship (or job) and a full-time class schedule is no simple feat. If there is anything I learned over the summer, it was the revelation that achieving a work-life balance can be tremendously difficult at times. Finding the time to complete school assignments, study, hang out with friends, date, or even exercise, all while excelling at an internship can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, my classmates and I survived these last few months.

Below are some tips to help to help manage a heavy workload next semester:

-Optimize your time. In other words, assess your typical day and identify time which can be of better use. Personally, I have a long commute so I used the hours I spend on the bus reading for class or relaxing when the rest of my day was hectic. Multitasking plays a part in this took. If you spend time waiting for large files to load at your internship, for instance, use this time to catch up on emails or write a brief outline for a future assignment. Streamline errands, chores, and basic tasks. You can make every minute can count.             

-Take advantage of “hybrid” or “online” course offerings. Especially as we approach the brutal winter months, opting for virtual class time can be a smart decision for students who live far from campus or whose work hours sometimes overlap with class time. Although the syllabus will be as rigorous as any other class, online courses offer more flexibility for location and time.         

-Psychologist David Kille says, “Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that life doesn’t revolve around your graduate career. Be sure to make compromises to accommodate your partner’s schedule.”  Or your friends’ or family’s schedules, for that matter. It can be easy to turn down social invitations when you have a handful of papers with the same due date, however it is essential to schedule time with your loved ones, and to stick to that schedule. Maintaining these relationships is essential to well-being and allows for great recreational outlets as well.        

Happy studying and good luck next semester! :-)

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A Typical Week as an Assistant Buyer for Burlington Stores

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Dec 01, 2015 @ 03:50 PM

by JaNaie Fort

JaNaie_Fort.jpgI'm often asked what a typical week for me is like working as an Assistant Buyer. While no week is identical, there are certain tasks that must get done at certain times. I spread my time between our New Jersey headquarters and our New York buying office during market days, which are usually two days and sometimes three days a week.

Mondays are normally pretty hectic days and include several meetings. My job on Monday morning is to come in and go through our selling. I analyze what styles are performing and what our customers may or may not be responding to.

From there I develop a recap of our best styles based on their sell-thru and send it along with photos to all the members of my department including our Divisional Manager. Based on the information from my recap, my Buyer and I are then able to figure out what vendors we need to contact or go see that particular week.

Tuesdays are also days that I typically spend in the office typing up orders we've finalized, approving samples that we received, as well as keeping in touch with the Marketing Department and providing them with products to use for social media shoots, advertisements, and commercials.

I usually keep a to-do list of what I know needs to get done for the days that I'm in the office, but as the day progresses, new issues or questions arise from our vendors or even management that require my investigation or problem solving. One thing I can say is that it never gets boring!

Market days are probably my favorite. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I travel to Manhattan to our buying office, which is located right in the middle of the garment district. This is where all the action takes place. On an average day in the market we will have appointments with anywhere from four to six vendors in their various showrooms. My buyer and I get to be surrounded by products, shop trends, negotiate amazing deals, and build relationships.

Finally on Fridays I am either back in the office to finish up anything that needs to be taken care of or I am "Comp Shopping" at other stores. What we call "Comp Shopping" is when we visit the stores of our competitors or just other specialty chains in the market to see what is happening.

We compare prices and trends to make sure we are providing our customers with the best products at the best value. We also make sure to frequently visit our own stores to ensure that what we envisioned is being properly executed in the store and then decide if we need to re-evaluate our strategies.

Having time in the office to sit in my cubicle and get the administrative tasks taken care of is extremely important and a large portion of my job as an assistant. However, being able to engage with vendors is important as well in order to get to the next level of my career as a merchant. Going into the market and making deals is what being a buyer is truly about and I learn so much from this experience.

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Tips for Making Your Resume Shine

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Nov 24, 2015 @ 04:10 PM

by Laura Lynch

hiring.jpgResumes are probably the bane of everyone’s existence. They’re pesky and tedious, but they are so important. Having your best resume possible is what you should strive for, but how do you make your resume stand out?

I spend more time looking at my resume more than anything else on my computer and luckily we live in a time where as college students and young professionals we have a distinct advantage that our parents didn’t have; The internet.

But, before we get technical and upload resumes online, there are some important things to note. It is always good to have another set of eyes look over your resume because people see things that you may potentially miss.

In my current position we continually do this with each other when we have downtime. You may think you have perfectly described your job, but getting the feedback from your peers and professors about how you’re sounding (i.e. are you rambling, sounding repetitive, etc.) is probably the smartest thing you could do. Let other people edit for you and give your eyes a break.

Utilize the career center at LIM…"Oh but I don’t have time...blah blah blah." Trust me you’ll be glad you did. EECM services can help with resume formatting, editing, career goal setting and so much more that will get you where you want to be.

Remember your resume should not be longer than one page. Anything longer and you run the risk of not being considered for a job. Time and again I hear employers mention people with resumes that are too long and they don’t always have the kindest things to say. Keep it short sweet and to the point.

 Always keep your resume up to date. You wouldn’t want to leave important details out of your family biography so don’t leave important details out of your resume. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference in determining whether you get a job or not. So if you helped write, design, participated in xyz for whatever company and it was of significant importance, use your better judgment and put it on your resume if you think it will aide you. Even though you’re sending one page of your job history, have a notebook with more points from your job duties if you have had a lot of things to do.

At the end of the day the goal with your resume is to get the job that you want and your resume is the best way to do that so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.

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Read About One Grad Student's Internship at Ann Inc.

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Nov 19, 2015 @ 01:19 PM

by Leah Francis


As a LIM College Center for Graduate Studies student, Whitney McCollins had come to a milestone in her journey. It was her first day as a visual merchandising intern at Ann Inc. at 10 Times Square.

Sitting at the welcome orientation where the company and different brands were introduced, she thought back to majoring in Fashion Marketing at the University of Memphis. Now Whitney was in her final semester as a grad student with a goal to become the Director of Visuals for a fashion retailer.

Whitney began her career in retail when she was 18 years old and after college became the visual merchandiser for American Apparel where she would put together window displays and worked on merchandising for the entire store. For Whitney, visual merchandising is something that she really enjoys and she's a natural at it. But, wanting to reach higher heights wasn't going to happen in Memphis. In New York, the fashion capital of the world, there were a lot more resources and opportunity.

That day at Ann Inc. was a culmination of two semesters of classes filled with papers, group projects, and presentations. LIM offers the internship course in a grad student's last semester so that the student can get hands-on training that is so important in the fashion world. 

Whitney had applied to ten companies and went on eight interviews. A person from Ann Inc. reached out to her to come in for an interview and then she was offered the internship. It was definitely the right fit as they acknowledged her previous experiences in the field and were very open to the paths she wanted to explore.

So, all her hard work had paid off with a good, solid internship. Whitney was at a place where she could build on her accomplishments and strive toward a fantastic future. The studying, the classes, and all her efforts had definitely been worth it.

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Going Back to School, Graduate School!

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 03:04 PM

by JaNaie Fort

Deciding to go back to school was a decision I made after realizing I really wanted to focus on marketing. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Industry Management, which covered merchandising, design, textiles and marketing. I really was fortunate to receive such a well-rounded education, but I always enjoyed marketing more than anything else.

Once I came across LIM College's Center for Graduate Studies MPS in Fashion Marketing program, I realized it was exactly what I wanted to do. Since a Master of Professional Studies is focused on a specific area, I felt like it would be perfect for me in my hopes of changing from the merchandising field to marketing.

I think that with my current knowledge of buying and merchandising I can be even more beneficial to a company. Having multiple perspectives can only help me in the long run. My dream job would be to work in brand management or consulting. I would love to help a company develop their brand image and develop an ideal marketing campaign to achieve such.

Obtaining an MPS degree will set me ahead of the competition simply because not many people in the industry go on to further their education while gaining real industry experience. Regardless of where my career path takes me, LIM’s MPS program has made me a more well rounded individual with an even broader professional network.

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