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Aaron Ku - Hong Kong

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Inside the Mind of an International Fashion Student


LIM College isn't my first education experience in the U.S. Prior to coming here, I went to a boarding high school for 4 years, so by the time I started college I was quite used to the lifestyle of studying abroad.

When you come to New York City to study fashion, the most important thing to do or bring is your independent mindset. I completely understand the feeling of missing your home, family and closest friends, but you have made the decision to pursue a better education and gain an understanding of the fashion industry, which I hope you are very passionate about, because that will make the transition easier.

You might not be able to see this when you are boarding the flight to New York City, but you are indeed about to explore a whole new chapter of your life. There are new friends waiting to be made, places to explore, and even fashion shows for you to participate in.

NYC building top

One thing I did when I first came to the U.S. to study fashion is that I tried not to have pictures of my loved ones around my place. I just don't think it’s very helpful to always have images reminding you how far away your loved ones are when you are learning to be independent in New York City.

Of course I still miss my family and home, but I have become quite detached towards those feelings. It’s for the best so I can focus 100% on school, my internship and my new city life.

I always know that I will be home in no time and the semester will fly by quickly. And yes, I have found an internship this semester, details to follow...

Until next time…XOXO


The LIM College Campus


Here are some of my favorite spots around the LIM College campus in the middle of New York City.

Dean Pryor’s Office
I have known Dean Pryor since I started at LIM. He has always been patient and helped me with anything regarding my status as an international student in the U.S., including the intricate details of my internships, since there is a specific process international students have to go through to intern.

Aaron Ku - Dean Pryor's Office

Adrian G. Marcuse Library
Even though there is so much news and information available online, I still like flipping the pages of a magazine. The magazine area is where I always catch up with all the current fashion trends and styles.

Adrian G. Marcuse Library

The Writing Center
As I live quite close to Maxwell Hall, the Writing Center is my go-to-place to finish up coursework, print documents and get feedback on my papers. This corner is a great and quiet place for me to concentrate.

LIM College - The Writing Center

Maxwell Hall Student Center
Most of my classes have been at Maxwell Hall for the past couple of semesters, so I am there quite often. The lobby lounging area is where we all catch up with each other. I often spot friends I haven’t seen in a while due to our different schedules. Sometimes we even sit down at one of the tables and have a bite to eat.

ku 031714 4

Dressing for NYC Weather


It was one hell of a winter this year in New York City. It is usually quite mild here (I might have a different standard since I went to high school in Maine), but the Polar Vortex caught us all off guard.

NYC in Winter
My winter wardrobe always starts out fancy and chic as it transitions from fall. I can finally layer my sweaters with my jackets and coats. Layering is the key here in New York City. It’s cold when you are travelling between classes, but warm once you step into one of the LIM College buildings. It’s crucial to have warm outerwear over your outfit. I personally don't wear anything too warm underneath, so I don't get too hot when I am in a heated classroom.

By the time we are several weeks in to the spring semester, everyone is sick of the winter - outfit inspiration is running low for everybody. We are all just rotating the 2 coats that give us the maximum warmth. Everyone eventually busts out their spring look once they sense a hint of spring. I, for one, can't wait for that time to come!

Until next time…XOXO


My Favorite Class of the Semester - Statistics


I am sure everyone has a class they like more than any other class in their schedule, and for me last semester that class was Statistics with Professor Nonoyama.

I have never been good at math and I have a feeling I never will be. Math has always been a struggle. I actually took Statistics when I was in high school and I fell in love with it because the ratio of calculation is much lower than in other math classes. It’s more about logic.

I was quite excited to take Statistics at LIM College, even though I thought I forgot most of the material I learned in high school. Professor Nonoyama made Statistics very understandable and she has a very witty personality, which is another reason I loved this class.

Statistics will actually be useful when we are interning and at work in the fashion business. I have heard many friends say they have used knowledge from their Statistics class when they are in the workplace. So please take my word for it when I say that taking a Statistics class with Professor Nonoyama will for sure make your semester much more lively and happy.



It’s Donatella Versace!


My old roommate Kingsley used to work at Versace, which is why I was invited to the Versus Versace event last May, where they unveiled the collection by J.W. Anderson.

It was such a crazy night at the 69th Regiment Armory. Not only did I get a glimpse of many celebrities, but I also got to see Donatella Versace and J.W. Anderson in person.

It was a very special event because it was something between a fashion show and a presentation. There was a giant glass room in the middle of the armory, and they unveiled Donatella and J.W. inside prepping the models for the show, dressing and styling them. It was a very different and interesting concept. Two runways extended from the right and the left of the glass room and they were where the models eventually came out from.

Aaron Ku - Models

There were DJs and musicians and the whole venue turned into a big party -- even the models changed clothes and were dancing with everyone.

Thanks to Kingsley, I got a glimpse of the world of Versace for one night -- with Ms. Donatella Versace herself.

Aaron Ku and Kingsley



Volunteering at a New York Fashion Week Presentation


There are so many opportunities to get involved in fashion in New York City -- you just have to be willing to put in some effort. When I was in my Styling class freshman year, I worked as a volunteer at a fashion presentation for the brand Ainsley.

Because it does not use a traditional runway, a presentation has a very different setup than a fashion show. I was there all day helping the team set up. One of the things I did was sort out colored stones and place them on a rail shaped liked the number 8. (I have included a photo, as I know that's very hard to imagine.)

Aaron Ku - Number 8

The models were later told to walk on that rail however they liked. They also cruised around the space where the presentation was held. I helped dress the models and got to know a few of them.

Aaron Ku - Models
The best thing was seeing everything I had been a part of come together. It was such a cool moment. I even got to network with the people who attended the presentation, which led to some future opportunities.

New York is such a surprising place. You truly never know what will come up and what will happen next. You just have to keep exploring and putting yourself out there.



My Favorite Spots in New York City


Here are some of my favorite spots to hang out when I am not studying fashion.

Aaron Ku - Central Park

Central Park

The Great Lawn is one of my favorite places in NYC, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. It’s absolutely breathtaking to see all the different shades at once.

 Aaron Ku - Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Since I live in midtown, this park is very close to my apartment. The lawn is a great place to hang out with friends. I especially like it late at night with all the skyscrapers lit up around it.

 Aaron  Ku - High Line

The High Line

My favorite spot is the 10th Avenue Square. It’s a captivating view looking up at 10th Avenue. I love sitting there, listening to my music and just relaxing.

 Aaron Ku - Pier 17

Pier 17

Even though it’s quite a touristy spot, I love going to the top floor deck for the majestic scenery overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and the ravishing sunset.

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

Home Sweet Home: Advice for International Students


Even though I am very used to being away from home most of the year, as I’ve been doing it since I was 14, I still miss home every now and then (especially if I catch a glimpse of the view from my balcony #nofilter).

LIM College - Balcony view

Don't get me wrong, I love New York with all my heart, but sometimes you just need to get away. It is always nice to be back at my real home. I go back every summer and Christmas, just for a few weeks, and sometimes I also get visits from family and friends, especially when my Dad is in town for business meetings.

My family actually group texts each other on a daily basis with our iPhones. I also have weekly FaceTime sessions with my mother to catch up with her about school and what’s going on at home, or just about anything. A 10-minute chat always turns into a three-hour FaceTime marathon.

I would say it really isn’t hard to adjust if you’re coming to NYC from another metropolitan city to study fashion. Sure, you need to get used to the transportation system and the city’s vibe, but it shouldn't be hard to catch up with the New York pace.

It will definitely be more challenging for anyone who has never lived in a big busy city. But you will soon be won over by New York City’s charisma. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you believe in yourself.

I’m not saying you can't miss your friends and family back home, but reminiscing about it 24/7 will just kill the potential of having the best experience in one of the world’s greatest cities. If you come to New York for a fashion degree, live in the moment and just enjoy one of the best times in your life.

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

My Favorite New York City Foods


Here are some of my favorite spots to eat in NYC!

LIM College - Yakitori Totto

Yakitori Totto

251 W. 55th St. New York, NY 10019

This Japanese-style barbecue restaurant is one of my favorite spots in NYC. They have great variety in their menu and you will be full before you can try everything once. It is perfect for a quick lunch or for satisfying late-night cravings with a couple of friends.

 LIM College - Popbar


5 Carmine St. New York, NY 10014

One of the best places for sweet, icy treats in NYC. Pick a flavor of their gelato popsicle, then decide which kind of chocolate you want to dip it in for a crispy coating. You can even add different kinds of nuts for some extra texture.

 LIM College - Live Bait

Live Bait

14 E. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010

Right across from Madison Square Park, this is one of my favorite spots to enjoy rustic southern seafood. And if you like raw oysters, they’re only $12 per dozen during happy hour! Definitely the best deal in town.

 LIM College - Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

6 W. 32nd St. New York, NY 10001

Everyone in NYC has been going crazy for the cronut recently, but I have a great alternative if you are not up for waiting in line for 3 hours. It tastes very similar to the original, but without the wait. This Korean bakery in K-Town has the most amazing pastries and sandwiches. It is one of my favorite Saturday morning breakfast stops.

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

Fashion Internships


LIM College - Aaron Ku

When you are going to fashion school in New York City, fashion internship opportunities are endless. Of course you have to put some effort in and go look for them, but there are so many choices all over New York City.

Everyone at this fashion school is always interning somewhere, which makes it easy to ask for reviews of experiences with different fashion companies. Fashion businesses are always looking for an extra set of hands -- and internships give you amazing hands-on experience in the fashion business. Not only can internships build up your résumé and help you learn more about the fashion industry itself, but they are also a great chance to explore, to see if are you interested in a particular field, and find out if you will be able to see yourself pursuing that field in the future as your full-time career.

I used to want to be a buyer, but my passion shifted when I learned what their true responsibilities are. I always had some interest in the field of public relations and having the opportunity to intern at Diane Von Furstenberg really increased that interest.

Since I’ve narrowed down my career interest to the PR field and tried it in a fashion house, I would now like to explore working at a fashion PR agency to see the differences. I am looking forward to interning again this coming spring and hopefully I can score an internship with a PR agency. Wish me luck!

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

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