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Here are some of my favorite spots around the LIM College campus in the middle of New York City.

Dean Pryor’s Office
I have known Dean Pryor since I started at LIM. He has always been patient and helped me with anything regarding my status as an international student in the U.S., including the intricate details of my internships, since there is a specific process international students have to go through to intern.

Aaron Ku - Dean Pryor's Office

Adrian G. Marcuse Library
Even though there is so much news and information available online, I still like flipping the pages of a magazine. The magazine area is where I always catch up with all the current fashion trends and styles.

Adrian G. Marcuse Library

The Writing Center
As I live quite close to Maxwell Hall, the Writing Center is my go-to-place to finish up coursework, print documents and get feedback on my papers. This corner is a great and quiet place for me to concentrate.

LIM College - The Writing Center

Maxwell Hall Student Center
Most of my classes have been at Maxwell Hall for the past couple of semesters, so I am there quite often. The lobby lounging area is where we all catch up with each other. I often spot friends I haven’t seen in a while due to our different schedules. Sometimes we even sit down at one of the tables and have a bite to eat.

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