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Dressing for NYC Weather

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It was one hell of a winter this year in New York City. It is usually quite mild here (I might have a different standard since I went to high school in Maine), but the Polar Vortex caught us all off guard.

NYC in Winter
My winter wardrobe always starts out fancy and chic as it transitions from fall. I can finally layer my sweaters with my jackets and coats. Layering is the key here in New York City. It’s cold when you are travelling between classes, but warm once you step into one of the LIM College buildings. It’s crucial to have warm outerwear over your outfit. I personally don't wear anything too warm underneath, so I don't get too hot when I am in a heated classroom.

By the time we are several weeks in to the spring semester, everyone is sick of the winter - outfit inspiration is running low for everybody. We are all just rotating the 2 coats that give us the maximum warmth. Everyone eventually busts out their spring look once they sense a hint of spring. I, for one, can't wait for that time to come!

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