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Chic Yet Practical: New York Style

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Living in one of the world's fashion capitals, New Yorkers dress to live up to that title. They are very expressive with their clothing choices. And there are many vintage stores in NYC where they can find their own unique statement pieces.

New York City building

New Yorkers are also very fast-paced human beings, so they try to keep their chic outfits practical. I think this style can be seen most often in the winter. With the amount of walking New Yorkers do on a daily basis, it is important to put on a fashionable look that also has wind sustaining and snow/slush conquering abilities, especially with footwear.

New Yorkers really bring the shoe game, both in terms of style and the distance we are able to achieve. If there was a 1500m-sprint race in a pair of 5-inch Louboutins that pitted New Yorkers against residents from other fashion capitals, New Yorkers would win. New York style is truly unique.

Until next time…Xoxo Aaron

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