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Being a Real New Yorker 101

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NYC skyline

Whenever I am home, friends and family ask me what it takes to be a “New Yorker.” I don't think I ever thought about that as something I needed to do. As international fashion students, we all just catch on to it when we start to live here. But here are a few tips to “act like a New Yorker.”

  1. One thing a New Yorker never does is look up. Sure the Empire State Building is spectacular and the Chrysler Building might remind you of the King Kong movie, but we are just too busy for that, which leads to another tip.
  2. New Yorkers are always on the move, particularly forward. We live in such a fast-paced city that we always know where we are heading and what our destination is, unlike the lost and wandering tourists.
  3. New Yorkers are constantly trying to catch a train or subway, and we have our own subway etiquette. This includes letting people get out of the train car first and taking a seat (even if you are not elderly or pregnant) when the passenger in front of you gets up because this creates more room for incoming passengers, especially at rush hour.
  4. Finally, embrace 99 cent pizza – eat like a real New Yorker and a champion!

Until next time…Xoxo Aaron

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