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Making Friends - and More Friends - in New York

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Hey there, 

Here in New York City you might wonder how we have time to meet with our friends, because we all have very different, busy schedules.

I can definitely tell you that it is not as easy as it was in high school. Back then it was such a close community and everyone saw each other every day. Even if you didn’t have the same classes, you eventually bumped into each other at lunch, soccer practice, etc. I had many friends back then, but there were only a few that were so close that we are still in contact with each other.

In college, it’s harder to see your friends every day, especially with LIM College's non-traditional urban campus, but somehow you do meet people and develop meaningful friendships faster.

Kingsley was one of my roommates when I lived in the residence hall freshman year. We definitely got off on the wrong foot, but when we look back now that's all just funny memories that eventually really bonded us. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos ku 012213 Kingsley resized 600

We didn’t agree on many things at first, but I was very used to the dorm life by then, so time flew by. We slowly became good friends when the weather got warmer in the spring - all those late night McDonald's runs and other adventures really brought us together. Now we've both moved out of the residence hall, and despite the distance between our apartments, and the differences in our schedules, we may not see each other as often as before but we are still great friends and meet regularly for dinner or some retail therapy.

I met Victoria when I was interning at Chanel. She was the only other intern there and she went to LIM College as well, so we got along right then and there. We saw each other practically every day when we were at the Chanel internship. We talked about everything and anything. Our friendship carried into the next semester, and we had lunch together all the time because we both had class in the LIM Townhouse right before lunchtime. We had so many memories together that when I came back to New York City this year after the summer, she was the first person I saw and I dragged her along on my furniture-hunting. We also went to the Meatpacking District for Fashion’s Night Out. We always have so much fun together. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos ku 012213 B resized 600

Great friends don’t come along every day, so I really cherish the friendships I have with all my partners in crime all over the big city.



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