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Vacation... And Another Crazy Semester as a New York Fashion Student

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Hey there! I hope everyone is well-rested and had a great Spring Break! This semester has been crazy for me so far, and a lot has happened in the past couple of months. Now please let me catch you up.

First, I went home for Christmas because it was such a long break and I missed my parents a ton! Our family has a tradition of going on a trip together every Christmas and this year was no different. I was the organizer this year so I planned a trip for us to go to a small island called Koh Samui in Thailand. We were there for a week and had a whole villa to ourselves.

I think it’s best to let the pictures do the talking.

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It was fun being home but somewhere deep in my mind I wanted to be back in New York. This city just holds some mysterious magic for me and many others. It’s always good to be back, hanging out with friends around the city, doing some shopping, studying fashion, and eating amazing food.

I also celebrated my 20th birthday in early February. My great friends Catie, Eleana and Jemma came over to my place and we had a blast catching up and eating. It was a real cozy and fun night.

ku 040113 d resized 600 

I will tell you all about my classes and fashion internship the next time I write. I’d also like to say thanks for all of the positive feedback you guys have for this little blog! I’m glad you all are interested in what’s happening in my crazy life studying fashion in New York City. I can't wait to tell you what’s next!

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