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Favorite Fashion Classes: Menswear and Field Trips

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Hello there! I promised you I was going to tell you all about my classes and school life this semester, so here it is. I am taking quite a lot of classes this spring, and there are a couple of fun ones I would love to give you the inside scoop on.

Menswear is one of the electives I am taking this semester. Everyone keeps saying that it’s so typical for a guy to take the menswear class, but the fact is there are actually a lot of women taking this class with me. It’s quite interesting that the male to female makeup of this class is about 50/50, which is quite unusual here at LIM College.

Professor Cockle, who is teaching the class, is such a cool professor. He had many years of experience in the menswear industry, which makes him the perfect professor for this class. He often tells us stories about when he was traveling all over the world and doing business within the fashion industry. He has been to Hong Kong many times, which makes his stories often relatable for me. Professor Cockle’s humor and wit definitely make this class one of the most fun parts of the semester.

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Field trips also show me different aspects of the fashion industry. For one of the visits I went to a mannequin showroom, and to be honest, I hadn’t thought much about how many different varieties of mannequins there are and how important they could actually be in different fields within the industry. This was definitely an eye-opening experience for me in terms of seeing some of the different things happening in the fashion world.

And finally, I just want to kindly let you all know that YES, I am the guy on the cover of the acceptance packet and you will see me all over Instagram if you put in #limcollege

Here it is:

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Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

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