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LIM College - Aaron Ku

When you are going to fashion school in New York City, fashion internship opportunities are endless. Of course you have to put some effort in and go look for them, but there are so many choices all over New York City.

Everyone at this fashion school is always interning somewhere, which makes it easy to ask for reviews of experiences with different fashion companies. Fashion businesses are always looking for an extra set of hands -- and internships give you amazing hands-on experience in the fashion business. Not only can internships build up your résumé and help you learn more about the fashion industry itself, but they are also a great chance to explore, to see if are you interested in a particular field, and find out if you will be able to see yourself pursuing that field in the future as your full-time career.

I used to want to be a buyer, but my passion shifted when I learned what their true responsibilities are. I always had some interest in the field of public relations and having the opportunity to intern at Diane Von Furstenberg really increased that interest.

Since I’ve narrowed down my career interest to the PR field and tried it in a fashion house, I would now like to explore working at a fashion PR agency to see the differences. I am looking forward to interning again this coming spring and hopefully I can score an internship with a PR agency. Wish me luck!

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

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