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When I first came to LIM College, I lived in the residence hall just like most of the other freshmen. I had many years of living in dorms under my belt because I had gone to boarding school. By the end of freshman year I decided that after all those years I needed some privacy with my living situation.

LIM College - Aaron Ku

Looking for an apartment in New York is a process, almost just as challenging as finding a perfect roommate. It was even more challenging because I wasn't even in the country when I needed to finally decide on an apartment. Though I did preview some apartments with my broker before I headed back home so that he could understand what I was looking for.

LIM College - Aaron Ku

Although there are many challenges, the feeling of finally having your own space is just phenomenal. I currently live in Midtown East, a block from LIM College’s Maxwell Hall to be exact. The main reason I live here is obviously the distance from school. Convenience is quite an important factor. There are also a lot of great restaurants close by on Second Avenue, such as The Smith. Its classic American dishes are quite amazing and the portions are always generous. It's also a great spot for brunch.

My neighborhood is also very safe due to its proximity to many embassies and the United Nations. One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk towards the UN and just look at the nighttime views of the Chrysler Building and the lights stretching across 42nd Street.

I just signed on for another 2 years in my apartment this past August. I just fall more and more in love with this neighborhood.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about housing while you are studying fashion in NYC!

Until next time… Xoxo Aaron

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