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International Students Club Multicultural Food Sale

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International Students Club Multicultural Food Sale

When we choose to study fashion in New York at LIM College, we are not only signing up for great classes – it is also a lifestyle choice - and a big change for most of us. The College presents us with so many activities outside the classroom, so that from the moment we walk in the door we are living and breathing the business of fashion.

This fall I was part of a great lunch hour event. It included a tweet contest, the International Student’s Club Multicultural Food Bite sale, and a bracelet sale that featured pieces designed to honor LIM College’s 75th anniversary.

Girls at multicultural food sale

Everyone was so excited and involved in everything that was happening. People were tweeting comments to LIM College (popcorn was given to those who shared their tweets – Bonus!) and we also wrote notes on how the school can improve (great strategy, by the way!) Everyone else was chilling and enjoying the multicultural food bites that the members of the International Students’ Club and I were selling at our table. Our club can’t wait to host another marvelous event.

The people we meet, friends we make and experiences we go through as we attend workshops, events and lectures at our school are priceless. There is always something going on in all three buildings and you can always find something to get involved with and be passionate about. My advice is to be active and take advantage of what is there for you. LIM College ROCKS!

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