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My Tour of LIM College

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This is the Visual Merchandising Studio Lab at the Fifth Avenue building. It’s a place where imagination and creativity can come to life. I walked in knowing only how to draw stick figures, since then I have done some pretty amazing drawings.

Visual Merchandising Stuido Lab


The lounge on the first floor of Maxwell Hall. It’s a place to relax, catch up on schoolwork, and experience different campus events that happen there almost every week.

Maxwell Hall Lounge


Room 0508. Looks like just a room, right? However, it is (for now) the International Students’ safe place. Our club meetings occur here every other week and are so fun!

Room 0508


FashionOpolis in the Townhouse. It’s a beautiful, confortable place where so much happens --from networking with important people in the fashion industry to very informative lectures. An amazing place to be!


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