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Five Tips for Acting Like a “Real” New Yorker

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  1. Avoid touristy places for everyday activities (unless you are having a touristy day of your own). If you are going to meet a friend for lunch, don’t schedule it in a restaurant in Times Square. Real New Yorkers explore new places. They go to little restaurants they have never been to before.

    Times Square

  2. Find a workout routine you enjoy. New Yorkers are really into being fit, from yoga to spinning classes and many other cardio workouts around town. This is the place to become healthier. Put sneakers on your backpack and go for a run in between classes.

    gym workout

  3. Keep your hands and your opinions to yourself. People here don’t like others getting involved in their business, or touching them unnecessarily. Unless you are asked otherwise, give people space and privacy to deal with their own issues.

  4. Be cordial. It is a myth that New Yorkers don’t smile or say hello. They are just too busy to remember to do it sometimes. A “good morning” or a “have a nice day” will be deeply appreciated.

  5. BE YOURSELF. Real New Yorkers wear, say, listen and do whatever they feel like. This is the place to be who you truly are! Enjoy it!

    just be yourself

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