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This Semester’s Fashion and Business Classes

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This semester I really challenged myself by taking 17 credits. Wow, was I crazy? I think so. However, I am still working really hard to get great grades and learn as much as I can.  With this many credits I have a good variety of classes on my schedule: Business Law, CAD, The Power of the Brand, Global Markets, Data Management and Career Pathing Internship.

Each one of them has a huge application to my future goals. Business Law so far has been the most challenging class – OMG, what a complicated vocabulary! But I think that if you’re going into the business world it’s important to be aware of its many laws and how to proceed legally in the industry to avoid problems, or at least know how to resolve them if they do occur.

Display Graphics CAD

CAD has been so fun.  Since I have taken visual merchandising classes before, such as Display Graphics, I have some experience and I feel like I am just refreshing and improving my skills – always a plus.

The Power of the Brand and Global Markets are really interesting classes. Who would have realized how much work goes into creating a product? Things like logo, mantra, market, opportunities and so on. It is always very interesting to learn what is needed to make something successful.

Data Management, like Spreadsheets, just helps us to learn to simplify our lives with technology. So important!


It’s only when I stop and think about it that I realize how fortunate we are to go to a school as great as LIM College and learn about all the things we will encounter in the fashion industry!


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