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Getting Ready to Study Fashion in New York

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Coming to the U.S. to study the business of fashion was the biggest decision I have ever made in my life. I say that because it’s not only about moving to another country alone, but it’s also about the many changes in every aspect of a person’s life. Support from family and friends is one of the most important things you need to be ready to do this. If they believe in you, help you and support your decision, it will make everything much easier.

I prepared myself by researching as much as possible about the area of New York I would be living in - the places to visit, to eat, to study - everything I could get excited about. I think that once you know the basics about the area, you don’t feel as lost when you arrive. Ask questions, print information – do everything – it will make you feel safer in this concrete jungle.

over-packed suitcase

I brought so much with me – clothes especially. What a regret! Coming to the U.S. means that you can create a whole new wardrobe, because there are so many options here, and they are usually way cheaper than in other countries. The ideal is to bring only what you really need - your wardrobe essentials. Save space in your luggage for those special things like diaries, pictures, letters – things that you can’t buy because they have memories and tons of love from back home. In moments of homesickness, I wish I had brought more of those!

Enjoy this experience – pack light in material things and bring tons of your best memories and love from those who will be rooting for you in this new journey.

memories of home

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