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New York City Fashion Trends

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New York is a fun place to walk around. We see all kinds of people from all kinds of places wearing all kinds of things. There are too many trends for New Yorkers to follow in their day-to-day.  Since there are so many different styles, this is a place where you can get away with wearing anything you want. However, there are some major trends that I would love to share with you.

One example is round shapes. No matter what time of year it is people tend to wear scarves around their necks, which creates a circle illusion that defines the jawline really well.

Another fashion trend is wearing Nike Free Runs with everything - not just workout clothes (probably just a way to remind us we need to be fit?)

Nike Free Runs

Toggle coats are in and they can be thrown on top of anything – it is a classy look and easy to style. The most used colors are camel and black, obviously.

toggle coats

Now, remember when we were kids and our Moms tied our jackets around our waists? That is totally back!  It looks very stylish to have flannel or denim shirts tied in your waistline, even though you won’t even wear it.

The fun thing about living in New York City is that you can start your own fashion trends, as well as wear so many different ones. All you need to do is be yourself and feel happy with whatever you are wearing!

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