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Adjusting to College Life in New York City

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In my opinion, "overwhelming" is the most appropriate word to describe college life, especially in New York City. Everything here looks more complicated, but also way more appealing, than it does anywhere else.

OMG the mistakes I have made and embarrassing moments that only I (and some friends that were also involved - haha) know that I have been though. But those moments were all part of this incredible experience and I keep enjoying every moment of it.

The amount of times I ended up at the wrong stop in the subway system is not a joke… Oh, and whoever said it was easy to understand the streets and avenues in New York City was so wrong! It takes a lot of getting lost and asking random people to finally learn your way around town.

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On the bright side, New York City brings everything right to your fingertips. Museums, fairs, parks, art galleries; in NYC you can go to places you only dreamed of. I remember overloading my computer with pictures (yes, about ten thousand of them) and spending every dime on tourist attractions (don't judge - LOL) and I didn’t even realize how valuable they would be when I started my college life here.

Starting school was definitely a challenge (an UNDERSTANTEMENT). Between applications and international students’ required documents, I really did not sleep for a good few weeks (still recovering! haha). And because I am an extremely anxious person, to say the least, this period was probably worse that it should have been and I would say to everyone that patience is the number one word when it comes to this whole process!

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But seriously, despite the craziness, I am IN LOVE with college and all the opportunities it brings me. LIM College has so many people working with us to help us learn about and experience the fashion industry more and more every day. I got the chance to learn through fun (and some not so fun) projects, through experiential educational activities, fashion volunteer positions, and information sessions that opened my mind to so many different career paths in the fashion industry.

My goal now is to be able to visit yet another country during my college career. And I can't wait to write all about it!

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