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New York City: A Few of My Favorite Things

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NYC is such an amazing city. You can go anywhere and do anything in a matter of minutes…you just need to think about something and you can have it faster than you thought possible!  I fell in love with Manhattan almost 6 years ago and it has been an intense relationship so far! Clubs, live music bars, fashion, museums, restaurants, parks, you name it -- this city has it ALL. As a full-time fashion school student with a retail internship, I don’t always have time to enjoy everything I want to, but I try to incorporate a few of the things I love most about New York in my day to day routine.  

A year ago, I found the only exercise routine I can manage to maintain with my crazy fashion school student schedule: a 45- minute indoor spinning class at a place called SOUL CYCLE. It’s a studio with the most inspiring instructors and a soulful community that enjoys life more than anything. There, I celebrated my birthday with my favorite instructor Julie D., who helped me change a very bad habit I had. I finally quit smoking! YAY! Soul Cycle has several studios around town, including one right near LIM College at East 63rd St.

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After all that work, I am always SO hungry! NYC has the best places to eat, from the huge and delicious burritos at Chipotle to the healthy choices at Whole Foods. OMG I can’t even chose among so many options! I particularly love sushi - and Haru right in Times Square is one of my favorites. The food and the different people in the area are incredible. After some frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, all I want to do after a long day is walk around Central Park and admire nature combined with the craziness of this city that never sleeps!

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