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LIM College, as we all know, is a college “where business meets fashion.” Wondering what that really means? It means that our fashion school is totally focused on putting us right there into the business world. Besides all the opportunities that I have had (including many volunteer positions during Fashion Weeks and internships), the most amazing thing is that I feel like I’m experiencing the industry directly through passionate professors who make day-to-day academic studies way more interesting, and definitely more intense!

Professor Robert Conrad is one example. His Retailing course last semester made me view the retail industry from a totally different perspective. Before that, I did not particularly enjoy retail, nor was I interested in this specific side of the fashion - it seemed a little boring. But with his many years of experience as Vice President and buyer for companies such as Limited Brands, Liz Claiborne, Revlon and JC Penney, he showed us the strategy behind the business. He also transmitted his passion for the field throughout the semester. Because of this course I will be able to understand more and look ahead for solutions to problems that I may encounter in my future career.

Another professor that I have this semester who is very passionate on the subjects of business and fashion is Charles Fradella. His background is also very interesting and diverse. He has been with companies such as R&R Menswear, Amerex, Seminole Manufacturing Company, and JC Penney. He is extremely knowledgeable and has seen it all, not only in America but also all over the world. In his Applied Concepts of Fashion Merchandising class, he teaches us to explore different sides of the fashion industry and teaches us important lessons that can be applied to any field.

The truth is that in general, all the LIM College professors I’ve had so far had a lot of experience and never hesitated to share their insights with anyone who was interested in learning. I am just so glad to be able to network with these knowledgeable people. They are an important part of my journey and I will be very thankful to them once I am successful in what I most love, which is working in the fashion industry.

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