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Reflections on Boston

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What can I do to make everything better?  I asked myself that all night after hearing the terrible news about Boston. America is a country full of life, where hard work and freedom are key; a place where people come to create a better life for themselves and also to accomplish and learn things. At least that is why I came here.

It saddens me that there are so many mean people, and when I say mean, I am talking about the worst meaning of the word. They try to destroy the reasons why we work so hard, try to take away the moments of fun. They make us worry about things we shouldn’t.

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Should we just live like that? My answer is NO! In Brazil we also have violence.  I bet there is no place in the world where all people are genuinely good. But do people have to do absurd things like that to innocent people? Unfortunately, these sad acts don’t only happen here, otherwise it would be much easier to fix, right?

As an immigrant I try every day to belong to a culture that wasn’t always mine. I got to where I am now because I was dedicated and focused.  With a “make a better world” goal in mind, we should ALL stick together and try even harder to actually do GOOD to everyone around us. I am going to start by helping someone TODAY, by making someone’s day happier and somehow creating a better world for all the future generations, our children and grandchildren.

What about you? How are you going to do GOOD?

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