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Reflections on the Spring 2013 Semester at LIM College

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When I took the Industry Exploration Seminar class last semester, I mentioned to my professor during the exit interview that I was not looking forward to the spring 2013 semester, because I would have to do a retail internship. She told me I might change my mind about retail and that it was not the monster I was imagining. I really did NOT believe her! I was mad that this was a requirement, because I didn't have any desire to work in a store.

Working RetailWell, that definitely changed. I still don't feel that being a sales associate is my dream job, but I do now understand that it is very important to have this type of experience. I enjoyed learning about the different aspects of the retail environment and the internship definitely changed some ideas I had about the fashion industry.

I also survived my Economics and Spreadsheets classes. Whew! They were not as painful or mind-blowing as I expected and gave me a lot of information and useful tips I can apply in my future career. My other creative (Advance Display Graphics) and informative (Applied Concepts of Fashion Merchandising) classes made me see the industry through many different perspectives and I did have fun in them most of the time!

This semester, like all the others, was all about learning and finding things out about myself. I now know there are more activities I enjoy doing and that I am good at and I also know some things that I definitely don't want to do at any point in my professional life. (Unless I had no other choice!)

College is all about discovery, knowledge and going out of your comfort zone. I did that pretty well this semester. LIM College knows how to push you to your limit and make you feel rewarded in the end, one way or another.

Fall 2013I am ready for you!

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