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New York City: An International Fashion Student’s Highlights (Part 2)

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central park

Central Park is close to all LIM College buildings. I just love this place! Jogging or simply walking around the park is entertainment in itself, because you can see all types of people (including some really crazy ones, ha-ha) and things going on. It is magical - a peaceful place in the middle of the crazy city of New York that never sleeps.  And a great place to be taken - or take someone- on a date, as you can see above! Just saying, LOL.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is another iconic location in New York City. I have seen fashion and bridal photo shoots happening there, as well as marriage proposals. It’s so fun to watch the many different people who go between the two boroughs.

Fashion Avenue

New York City is definitely a city that revolves around fashion. Fashion (7th) Avenue is so close to LIM College. It’s where we can find everything about the fashion industry, including memorials and monuments marking the history of the fashion business throughout the years.


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