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Becoming a Beauty Blogger

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Thanks to LinkedIn, I’m having one of the best learning experiences I’ve had while studying fashion in New York. Every experience I go through has taught me so much about the fashion industry. However, at the internship I am at right now I have learned skills that will have a huge impact on my ability to go into the professional environment. Research, professional writing, and brand-building are just a few of these.

One day as I played with my profile and LinkedIn features, I came across the “jobs and internships positions” part of this social network. I saw a posting about a blogger position with a beauty company called NewTress. I did some quick research on the company and realized that they sold hair extensions and had a hair-related blog on their website. This position required experience in blogging, strong writing skills and the ability to do a few blog posts a week.

Summer was around the corner, so I figured I would take a chance and send them an email – resume, cover letter and all, just like we learned from the very career- oriented professors at LIM College.  A few days later I got a response, had an interview and was given a start date. So far, I have done three major interviews with fashion and beauty-related people, many blog posts, and have also grown my brand name and guest blogged for another large blog and a magazine.

I am extremely excited to see where this internship will take me. I hope to grow with the brand and become a much better writer, eventually helping the company with their public relations efforts. So take my advice: study hard, explore your opportunities and take chances. You never know what a little email can do for you!


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