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Staying Connected to Home While Studying Fashion in NYC

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Most people feel sorry for me when I say I’ve lived so far away from my family and friends for such a long time. However, I don’t feel like I am missing out on that much. With today’s technology there are great ways to keep connected with everyone I know, from friends I’ve made through the years who have gone back to their home countries, to my own family in Brazil. Skype, Facebook, phone and even a simple email make me feel connected to them, even on days I want to be left alone. (Ha ha)

LIM College - Carla Alves

During all my years living in NYC I’ve barely had any time to go back to Brazil to visit. My Mom, brother, aunt, Dad, best friends -- and even some people who I’m not that close to -- came to visit me and I played tour guide, showing them all the beautiful spots in this amazing city. Last winter, however, I did go home and spent my birthday there. WOW, nothing had changed. People have changed jobs, finished school and gotten married, but they all remained the same people I always loved and I am so thankful that they thought the same about me.

LIM College - Carla Alves

No matter how far away I may be, I have never missed any gossip, or weddings (watched them online!), or even any birthday parties. But, of course, there are moments when, as international students, we feel homesick. It can happen when we listen to a song, or maybe just because a memory came up. The best thing to do though is to just get distracted, or maybe call that dear person and laugh about something. It always works for me!

LIM College - Carla Alves

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