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Sometimes, Fashion Career Plans Change

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As a young girl, I dreamed of being a fashion designer. However, once I actually started learning about fashion, I fell in love with the business side of it. That’s when I chose the amazing fashion business school that is LIM College. I later thought I would make a good fashion stylist and maybe work for a magazine someday. I also imagined I could be creative enough to help create fashion marketing campaigns for a huge company I would enter after graduating.

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However, plans change. In my case this was because I was exposed to the right things and because I got opportunities to do some things I discovered I’m good at. Writing was one of them. The field of public relations also opened up to me. Since I decided to put myself out there and try new experiences, I now have new plans. They include growing my brand name and learning more about how PR is used in fashion.

Internships are also a big part of learning what we are good at, what we like to do and which paths might be right or wrong for us.  I have examined all of my previous internship positions in fashion to consider what activities I might invest my time in, and which ones are not worth continuing.

LIM College is pretty excellent at giving students the chance to enter the fashion industry – however, it is up to us to use those opportunities to our advantage.

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