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A Break from the Fast-Paced New York Fashion World

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I guess you can call me a suburban girl – even though I won’t admit it. Lately, I seem to prefer a more peaceful lifestyle, probably because I am already energetic enough.

Since I moved to the U.S. I’ve been living in Westchester County, which starts right after The Bronx and goes all the way north to Connecticut. Here we see tons of nature and beautiful houses (and I mean real houses, not apartments) with happy and large families.

LIM College - Mt. Vernon

I choose to keep living here because I really do get to have the best of both worlds -- the ability to rest and have a nice quality of life, while being only 20 minutes away from NYC, where I go to fashion school and do all the fun things I write about.

The town I live in is called Mount Vernon. It is small, but has a considerably large Brazilian community. A bakery, a few Brazilian restaurants and some shops filled with Brazilian food help me not miss home as much.

Rent here is much cheaper than in the city, considering the space you get. I also get to drive my own car, which is something I have always enjoyed – riding subways, not so much! Life seems to move at an easier pace around here. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. I do have to deal with ugly mini-vans and Moms that drive 10 miles per hour in the parkway. Oh well, we can’t have it all!

LIM College - Westchester County

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