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More of My Favorite Spots in New York City

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As we all already know, NYC is a beautiful -- and very busy -- place to be. There’s always something going on or something to see. Lately I have been trying to do things that I haven’t done before and just enjoy the simple yet mesmerizing locations this city has to offer.

LIM College - Brooklyn Bridge




Take the Brooklyn Bridge, for example. I have been there so many times with family and friends when they visit, yet now I actually go there to simply take walks. There is something about walking on a bridge that makes you think more clearly.





The WTC Memorial, near where the new Freedom Tower is located, is a place which I believe everyone should go to at least once in their lives. It brings many sad memories, however it makes us put our lives’ into perspective and helps me to remember to appreciate the good things.

LIM College - WTC Memorial


LIM College - Central Park



Central Park is definitely my favorite spot. Ok, I know I have written about it endlessly here. Yet there is always something different to see there. I love to see people in the rowboats - couples in love or families and friends laughing. I also like to sit and relax at the famous water fountain (as seen in the TV series Friends).



LIM College - Bethenny



The most exciting thing I have done lately was to watch a taping of “Bethenny.” Her new talk show is so fun. It’s such a great benefit of studying fashion in New York that you have the opportunity to go to things like this. I will definitely try to see more shows that are taped in Manhattan.




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