3 Stylish & Warm Mens' Coats for Surviving Fall

Posted by Aljon Velasco on Nov 3, 2014 6:00:00 AM


Clothing retailers are gearing up for cooler climates, and designers high and low are manufacturing garments for men looking to add beneficial pieces that will keep them warm. It is a pain to keep dry in the rain, and holding umbrellas in the city is an inconvenience for everyone. With jackets coming with a variety prices, designs, colors and styles, it is getting easier and easier for men to look stylish without breaking the bank. Whether it is raining or snowing, these parkas will help you through any harsh weather conditions this fall.



Retailer: Old Navy

Price: $29.99

Purchase here.

Old Navy provides an affordable, lightweight anorak with a water-resistant shell. Anoraks are a menswear staple for fall that are both stylish and utilitarian. This coat is lightweight and goes especially well when it gets chilly out and even when there may be a sprinkle or two outside. This parka can be dressed up with a dress shirt and wingtips and dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Available in red and blue, the coat adds a pop of color as well as a top layer that is versatile enough to be worn from fall to spring.




Retailer: Zara

Price: $169

Purchase here.

Coats are not just for warmth; this jacket from Zara can be dressed up and dressed down with ease. This garment provides variation, which is important when dressing for any occasion. It’s a rain-coat/windbreaker hybrid, so pieces from a casual shirt to a dress shirt can be presented in a sleek, clean manner. It is highly functional, with a dual button enclosure on the neck to get rid of any unwanted rain or snow. The casual details of this jacket are displayed with the functional side-zip cuffs, which allow for a touch of “cool” resembling a motorcycle jacket. Available in black, this is a moderately priced garment that proves performance and style can be intertwined seamlessly.



Retailer: Burberry

Price: $1,995

Purchase here.

For extreme climates, Burberry provides a high-quality cotton performance parka that has a removable, shearling-lined hood. This sheep-lining on the hood and inside the jacket provides a luxurious look as well as an aspect of warmth for temperatures dropping lower and lower. Hood and waist enclosure ensure a tailored fit that can be paired well with a flannel shirt. On the other hand, a suit can be well protected and dry with this parka being used as an overcoat.


burberry_buttonAll in all, staying dry is key for the upcoming fall season, and these jackets are great shower-proof alternatives to an umbrella or poncho. Any of these coat choices will make a menswear wardrobe warm, practical and stylish. These parkas reinforce classic styles of seasons past while keeping a utilitarian purpose. Additionally, all of these options are available in different colors, ranging from black to blue, to even a loud red. Regardless of style and price, male consumers have a multitude of choices that will provide them an outerwear choice to dress up or dress down.


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