5 Products to Help You Keep a Summer Glow in Winter Months

Posted by Alexa Taormina on Dec 10, 2014 5:00:00 AM


It can be difficult to keep a tan during the winter. Although I am not a big fan of tanning beds and lotions, I do use them occasionally. But I have never really been satisfied with the results, and I was unhappy that I was damaging my skin in the process. I have been looking into ways I could achieve a bronzy look with the help of makeup, and found these five great products.


1: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This will be the first product you will use. Apply this all over your face, as it will act as a base for the other makeup. What is great about this product is that it is lightweight, oil-free, contains SPF and moisturizers, and can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a brighter natural glow. According to narscosmetics.com, the consumer testing results stated that “84% felt that their skin was more radiant and luminous.” This product is available online at narscosmetics.com or Sephora.com for $42.00 and comes in eleven different shades to match your skin tone.


2: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

This is one of my favorite bronzers because it does not give you an orangey color, nor is it too brown. It looks like a healthy natural tan to complement your skin tone. It has a matte finish and is natural looking, very blendable and long lasting. It also gives you the right amount of color for a luminous glow. You can use this powder by sweeping it across the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Tip: Always tap off excess powder to avoid applying too much color. A little product can go a long way. If you like to contour, this bronzer can also be used to highlight the features of your face. Of 878 people who reviewed the product on Sephora.com, 654 of them gave it 5 stars, and 162 gave it 4 stars. This product is available at Sephora.com or benefitcosmetics.com for $28.00.


3: Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

I was always skeptical about using highlighters because I felt they always left my skin looking blotchy. After reading many beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos, I finally came across this gem! What I love about this product is that it is silky and not sticky. It is also very blendable and leaves your skin looking dewy and radiant. Reviewers have called it the “supermodel in a bottle.” This is great for people who have fair to medium skin tones. It has a satiny pink color to it, which when applied, accents cheek and brow bones. I applied it by using a damp beauty blender and dotted the product on my face, then blended upward on my cheek bones and by the arch under my brow. This product can also be applied to the bridge of your nose to add soft definition. High Beam is the size of a nail polish bottle, but because you only need a little bit of product, it will last you quite a while. This item is available at Sephora.com or benefitcosmetics.com for $28.00.


Perfect_Square_310_x_310-14: Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter

Similar to High Beam, Sun Beam is a golden bronze highlighter that gives you a natural, sun kissed radiance. This product is made for medium to deep skin tones. Although, it is said that you can use either High Beam or Sun Beam depending on your skin tones, I like to use both. I think it gives more definition to your face as well as highlighting and bronzing different areas. As I mentioned before, I like to apply High Beam to my cheek and brow bones. I like to apply Sun Beam right on top of where I applied the Hoola Bronzer. I also apply Sun Beam to my hairline on my forehead and blend out with a damp beauty blender. Unlike Hoola Bronzer, which has a matte finish, Sun Beam has shimmering gold tones, which is great when trying to achieve a tan, dewy look.  In this photo, the products that were used were Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam, High Beam, and Hoola Bronzer. You can see that the cheekbones are well defined and the highlighter is used to enhance areas where natural light will reflect. This makeup look uses a heavier amount of makeup to show true definition, but it is up to you whether you want to use a little or a lot. This product is available at Sephora.com or benefitcosmetics.com for $26.00.


5: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in the color 27 Peche Cerra-Cola

Last but not least, the one thing that finishes off a makeup look is adding some color to your lips. I was also skeptical about this product because it is $35.00 for a lip-gloss. After reading many reviews, I was convinced and had to try it. The color 27 Peche Cerra-Cola is absolutely amazing. It is a peachy pink tone. One thing that is great about this product is that if you want a natural shine, you can apply one coat, if you want more coverage you can apply two coats for an intense color. This color could look good on any skin tone. For fair to medium skin tones, it will make skin appear darker, and for medium to darker skin tones, it will only enhances your beauty. The lip color offers a lightweight texture, which immediately melts onto lips. The glossy satin then delivers an intense color for a long-lasting shine. Since this gloss is a lip stain, it is interesting how it stays on. Once applied, the product takes about a minute to dry on your lips. After a night of going out, I only had to re-apply twice. It was long lasting and did not clump up or dry out like other lipsticks. I would say it was definitely worth the money. Of 1,216 reviews on Sephora.com, 947 gave it 5 stars. This product is available at Sephora.com for $35.00.

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