Celebrating FABulous Women: Breaking Stereotypes and Redefining Success

Posted by Caroline Giraldo on Mar 23, 2015 5:00:00 AM


LIM College celebrated Women's History Month on Tuesday, March 3, with an event titled  "Celebrating Fabulous Women: Breaking Stereotypes and Redefining Success," moderated by Jessica Styles, LIM College Career Advisor and founder of The FAB Network.

The discussion featured:

Lauren Gabriel, Sales Director - East
Rocket Fuel

Shantelle Guyon, Brand Programming and Event Manager
Sean Combs Enterprises

Keir Harris, Account Executive
Ralph Lauren

Carol Perry, Senior Vice President, Broadcasting / General Counsel
IF Management, Inc.

Here are some of otheir words of wisdom!

 Lauren Gabriel (left), Sales Director at Rocket Fuel

“Pay it forward.”

The most important thing to remember as you continue to grow in your career is to help others. We, as women, are immediately placed into a gender box. Pass on the knowledge and advice that others have shared with you.  


 Keir Harris (left), Account Executive at Ralph Lauren

"You need to work hard and represent yourself and fight for yourself no matter what that is.”

Do not let your gender, or race, define who you are; embody what you want to accomplish. Take control of the roles others will try to place you in. If you represent yourself as everything you want to be recognized for, others will too.


   Shantelle Guyon (left), Brand Programming and Event Manager at Sean Combs Enterprises

 “Your definition of success should be continually changing.”

Do not let anyone tell you that what you want is not success. Never be afraid of growth, and always set new goals for yourself. 


 Stephanie Skorka (left), Global Product Development at Revlon

 “Be loud in a polite and professional way.”

Pay your dues, but don’t back down. If there is something you believe in—speak for it. If you deserve a new positon—ask for it. Make sure you are known for everything you want to be known for. Knock on doors, introduce yourself, and ask questions.


   Carol Perry (left), Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and General Counsel at IF Management Inc.


It is important to balance your life in the way that you want. Everyone has a different sense of equilibrium, it’s up to you to calibrate your own. Don’t let others decide for you. 

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