Comfortably Chic in a New York Minute

Posted by Devyn Pasalano on Dec 18, 2014 5:00:00 AM

NYC_Subway_6_Train'Comfortable chic' has hit the halls of LIM. As I step onto the elevators at 1760, rush onto the 6 train and grab a coffee on Lexington Avenue before class, I see comfortable yet stylish clothing choices everywhere. The students here at LIM College always seem to strike that perfect balance.

So how do the students here at LIM remain at ease with a presentable look when there is a 7:20 train to catch? There’s no one better to learn from than from the students themselves. I was able to catch up with a few of my classmates to hear their advice on easy ways to construct a comfortably chic ensemble.



Chic_AnaliseWhat influenced this particular style?

Analise Guarino: My style was mainly influenced by my expected routine for the day. I knew that I had a busy schedule with classes so I had to be prepared to remain comfortable while rushing [between] each building, yet I wanted to add a cute style to make my ensemble interesting.












Chic_KoryHow do you balance out a chic style that allows you to remain comfortable while on the go?

Kory Robbin: I like to balance out being comfortable and chic by wearing comfortable clothes that are still cute. I wear a lot of sweaters because they are [cozy] and on-trend. Also, having a good pair of shoes [to] walk from building to building in that [coordinates] well with a lot of your clothing is key. My advice to anyone who wants to balance out the two is to not try too hard at it either. It's okay if you want to wear sweatpants because some are very cute right now with the [current] athletic wear trend. It's all about dressing up or neatly dressing down [these pieces] to balance out your look.






Jenna_1How do you decide what to wear to school?

Jenna Rubin: My style ranges depending on my mood, but for the most part I am all about looking cute and feeling comfortable. Going to college in the city sometimes makes us feel as if we need to get dressed up everyday. However, there are ways to look presentable and feel good about yourself without feeling as though you are "dressing up". My favorite thing to do while getting ready for school is accessorize with either a hat or a scarf. That to me is effortless-effort.

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