Contouring Craze 2015

Posted by Grace Tribble on Apr 8, 2015 7:40:00 PM


The sexy sculpted look is in. Contouring and highlighting your face is one of the most popular makeup trends right now. Contouring uses neutral shades that are slightly darker than your skin tone to define the natural shadows of your face.

Sephora is currently offering a “Free Contour Mini Makeover” service in their stores. You can choose between a cream or powder product for the artist to apply to your face. I visited the 5th Avenue location and had makeup artist Randy complete my Contour Mini Makeover. I chose to try the new Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio ($45). This set includes three creamy pencils to get that perfect sculpted look. He explained the process as he applied the product:

1. Use the darkest shade and draw a line on the hollows of your cheeks.

2. Don’t take the line too far down your face.

3. Blend the product slightly downward, then upward in circular motions to soften the line. 

4. Draw a line using the same dark shade on each side of your nose and blend the product up and down and then back onto your nostrils.

5. Use the lightest shade on top of your cheekbones and under your eyes. When using a cream product, you can blend it out with your fingers, a fluffy brush, or a makeup sponge.

6. If you want a more dramatic look for night time or going out, you can set the cream product with a powder in the same color.

The medium shade in the trio is definitely optional when contouring, according to Randy. The true purpose is for bronzing. Adding the bronzer to the cheeks marries the other two shades. This creates a seamless transition between your contour and highlight.

Another product I would recommend using is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit ($40). The palette includes six powders: three highlighting shades and three contouring shades. I recommend applying this product with makeup brushes. Dab your powder brush into whichever contour shade is suitable for your skin tone. Starting at your hairline, gently move the brush back and forth under your cheekbone, blending out any harsh lines. You can also take that shade and apply it on the sides of the nose and on the temples. Apply a matte highlighting shade on the tops of the cheekbones. Add a little under the eyes for some extra brightness. A shimmery highlight is included in the palette if you want more of a sheen or a healthy glow.

There are a variety of products you can try to get the perfect contour and highlight. There are also techniques that vary slightly depending on the shape of your face.  Check out the Sephora “Pocket Contour Class” on your mobile phone by visiting to learn more and help you get that flawlessly defined face.

A few nights ago, I attempted these strategies on Lex Line Social Media Manager Sarah Lobel. Have a look!





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