Fall Makeup Trends: Affordable Alternatives

Posted by Jillian Klasik on Dec 2, 2014 5:00:00 AM


High-end cosmetics are used on the runways, but the same looks can be achieved more affordably. Here's an overview of some current styles and ways to achieve them without breaking the bank.

Fall/Winter styles for makeup include bold lips in daring colors like purple and blue, but if those colors seem a little over the top, then rose and berry are the new colors for the average woman this season. They should be paired with a matching lip liner to ensure the fuller lip look.


Lancôme’s “L’Absolu Rouge” line of lipstick includes these berry colors. “Exotic Orchid” and “Jezebel” are among them, and they cost $30.00.


Revlon also has a line of berry and rose-colored lipsticks called Super Lustrous that comes in colors like “Pink Velvet,” “Sassy Mauve,” and “Mauvy Night.” The Revlon colors are under $8.00, which is quite a savings.



Marc Jacobs’s Fall/Winter looks embrace a lighter shade of lipstick with a smoky eye. The "smoky eye” is always considered an evening look, but if smudged a bit, it can be a little less dramatic. In order to achieve a smoky eye, choose three shades of the same color you wish to use. Begin with the darkest shade and apply it to your lash line. Then take the medium shade and apply above this line to create an “ombre” look. As you progress toward your brow, use the lightest of the three shades. Take a clean brush and blend all the shades lightly. Then take a black liquid liner and apply to the lash line; for a more dramatic look, sweep the eyeliner upward when you reach the end of your eye. Next, apply mascara and use a black eye pencil along the lower lash line. Marc Jacobs’s makeup is sold at Sephora and starts at $25.00. Revlon eye shadows, liquid liner, and eye pencils can be purchased for under $10.00 and achieve the same look.



Before you finish up your eyes, be sure to fill in those brows. For years, makeup artists have been plucking eyebrows until they were pencil thin, but the new trend is thick, filled-in brows, so match up your brow color to an eyebrow pencil and stop plucking. Maybelline and Revlon both offer a variety of colors in eyebrow pencils for under $10.00.



Another trend for Fall/Winter makeup is more for convenience than it is a new beauty look: eyelash extensions. Beyonce has helped to make them popular with her long mink ones. Other celebrities like Adele and Katy Perry have found the convenience and look of eyelash extensions to be irresistible. They are in fact a great substitute for mascara if you have the time and cash, because they take about two hours and can cost $200 or more depending on whether they are synthetic, silk or mink. They also need to be filled in every three to four weeks for $50 and up. A more economical choice is a half set. The advantage of eyelash extensions is that they save time when you are applying makeup because there is no need for mascara. But if they seem too pricey, a good mascara can achieve the same look. Revlon Bold Lacquer length and volume mascara is under $10 and was a top pick of bloggers for this season.




All those models on the runways this fall had professional makeup artists creating their dramatic eyes and flawless skin, but the same looks can be accomplished at home for a fraction of the cost. For instance, many of the models were probably wearing foundation from Chanel, which can cost $50 or more. L’oreal sells foundation in colors and formulas for any skin type, and the cost ranges between $10 and $15.

One last tip to help save money on cosmetics while still achieving that great runway look is to do your shopping at stores devoted to health and beauty. HarmonDiscount.com has great prices and more than 50 retail stores around the country. You can always find coupons online, and they carry the brand names mentioned earlier like Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal. Another beauty chain is ulta.com, which also has stores around the country. Their products include cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, skin care, as well as an array of other beauty products. Often they have specials and sales on higher end cosmetics as well.

Don’t let the allure of designer names convince you to spend more for your cosmetics when there are so many great alternatives. After all, it is not the cosmetics that create beauty, but the knowledge of how they are applied.

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