Spring 2015: The Great Escape

Posted by Drishtee Gupta on Nov 25, 2014 5:00:00 AM


Spring 2015 will be all about escapism, according to the Fashion Group International's Ready-to-Wear Trend Presentation, which was held November 12 at The Time-Life building in midtown.

“I love the new bohemian spirit and the new silhouette,” said Brooke Jaffe, Fashion Director of Bloomingdales, who participated in a panel discussion after the presentation. “It is all about the ease on the bottom.”

Forest inspirations were repeatedly showcased in designs by Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. It was clear that Jacobs' message for spring is uniformity and ease of dress; his collection is based on military designs and no-makeup models.

Lauren featured a Safari theme with fitted Cargo pants, safari jackets and jodhpurs. Another standout design was Gucci's Japanese print, a vintage look with kimonos and suede skirts.  

Stripes and prints also figured prominently into the presentation. These included horizontal stripes, “north and south” stripes, "striping the pant" and "stripes with pants." Prints included images of ropes, birds, animals and silk prints. The stand-out print-dress was Ralph Rucci's printed chiffon skirt.

Wearing technology is also becoming trendier. One of the new technological advancements seen on the runway this season is 3D Steam Stretch, developed by Issey Miyake. This technique involves using stretchable thread to go in a weave in both a horizontal and vertical direction; this allows a single piece of cloth to be stretched into different 3D forms.

Drishtee_Photo_2It is known that most designs are only seen on the runway and never see the light of day. Even though designers don't make these designs for the general population, they set for people a general theme, which is followed by retailers preparing their next line of merchandise.

The designs that are most likely to make it to the retail stores from the runway include 1970’s flare-like pants, lace, denim, kimono wraps, floral prints, smaller bags, and a Michael Kors crop top.

The panel dissuasion after the presentation featured Jaffe, Jane Larkworthy (Beauty Director, W), Jennifer Mankins (owner of Bird), Eric Wilson (Fashion News Director, InStyle), and their host, Ken Downing (Fashion Director, Neiman Marcus).

Downing said the free-flowing silhouette was very exciting.

“The clothes that were stagnant and stiff did not interest me,” he said.

Downing further talked about the impact of social media on the fashion industry and how anyone can live stream runway shows while sitting at home. He believes that by the time the clothes make it to the retail store, the consumer has already seen them and is not interested in buying them.

Larkworthy said her favorite line is Victoria Beckham's spring collection, whereas Mankins loved Gucci and Altuzarra. Wilson brought the conversation to an end by mentioning how retailers must love the Spring 2015 Collections due to the uniformity in the designs, which make it easy to sell the story of escapism.



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