Letter from Taiwan: The Sneakers of Eric Cheng

Posted by Meagan McCarron on Jan 31, 2017 11:59:02 PM

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As athleisure continues trending, so does sneaker culture. We find ourselves embracing a mix of sporty and street elements in our everyday wardrobes.Capitalizing on this trend are up and coming brands like HAMS, a Shanghai based footwear company. HAMS sneakers are on trend with unique prints, bold colors and sleek athletic designs. Styles are androgynous and sold for both men and women's sizes. During my trip abroad, I caught up with the founder Eric Cheng at Taipei In Style.

Eric Cheng, a Taiwan native, has a diverse background, having lived in New York, USA; Taichung, Taiwan ROC; and Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. After finishing his education in the west, Cheng returned to his family home in Taiwan to take over the family business as one of the ROC’s many manufacturing companies. But Cheng had a vision of for the future, determined to turn the ROC’s production and reproduction industries into more creative and design oriented industries. After several years working in manufacturing, Cheng left the family business to start his own venture.

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Inspired by aboriginal Asian prints, Cheng has designed a collection that is not only eye catching but tells a story of culture and history. He and a small team traveled to find new inspiration and designs while learning more about traditional culture along the way. Cheng hopes his brand and its use of traditional prints will re-inspire ethnic pride and creativity in Chinese people. Cheng now travels to promote his business, find inspiration and support the growth of Chinese creative industries. To check out HAMS shoes you can visit their website or their Facebook page.

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