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Posted by Sabrina Talbert on Nov 7, 2016 11:29:52 AM

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With the 2016 presidential election just a day away, some of the most influential people are making it a priority to remind others to get out and vote. Everyone wants to have a voice. This year I’m voting because I know if I don’t, I’m missing my opportunity to stand up for what I believe will make us a better and stronger nation. So make this election the chance to have your voice heard. Get out and vote Tuesday, November 8th!  

So, why should you vote? I sat down and interviewed two people to ask them why. (Note: Both subjects asked to remain anonymous.)

How old are you?

Person A: 44

Person B: 18

Will you be voting this year? Why?

Person A: Yes, of course! I always do but this year especially. The candidates are so different so I feel like I have to.

Person B: Yes. I believe if someone expects change they need to be a part of the change.

Why do you think it's important for everyone who can vote to vote?

Person A: I think it’s important to vote because everyone wants change. Everyone wants something better and none of that can happen if all of our voices are not heard.

Person B: If you can vote, it shouldn't be a question. You can't complain about the outcome if you don't attempt to change what's wrong...so please vote!

What kind of impact do you think millennials will have on this election?

Person A: I think millennials are like a breath of fresh air. They have open minds because they look outside the box. The impact will be interesting.

Person B: What I’ve learned about millennials is we love to speak our minds. With all the effort and intellect from millennials, we can be greater if we came to an agreement to work together for the better.

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