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Posted by Devyn-Nicole Pasalano on Jun 10, 2015 1:58:00 PM


A moment that many of us have only anticipated: a partnership between LIM College and the infamous Museum of Modern Art.For fashion students, it is only appropriate to present great admiration for all fashion designers and top-notch creations throughout fashion history. However, this passion does not only pertain to clothing. It is of course in our nature to be swiftly drawn to any creation that presents some form of self-expression, and I could think of no better place to fulfill these creative needs than MoMA. 


With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce the partnership between LIM and MoMA, which will be offered to all students here at LIM College beginning July 1.

“LIM College’s MoMA membership level was chosen to allow for free admission to the museum, and for partnered events both at MoMA and LIM College,” said Lou Acierno, Director of Library Services at LIM. According to Acierno, five member cards allow entrance for up to 25 people to visit at a time, thereby facilitating class visits as easily as individual trips for students, faculty and staff.

“In addition, the cards provide daily gallery viewings at 9:30am (one hour before the museum opens), film screenings, discounts in the museum gift shop and design store, as well as access to the museum library and to PS. 1 gallery in Queens,” Acierno added.



Why should students be thrilled to be given this opportunity? Well, for starters MoMA is conveniently located one block from the Townhouse. Acierno further stated that as one of the world’s most respected exhibitors of modern and contemporary art, MoMA is one of the spaces that makes a New York-based education special.

“In addition, the work MoMA exhibits reflects, informs and shapes what is seen on the runway," he said. "To understand fashion requires exposure to art.”

So there you have it, my fellow art devotees. If you find yourself in need of creative inspiration or crave a relaxing outing, you now have easy access to an astounding art museum. So be sure to retrieve your MoMA cards from the Library (located in Maxwell Hall) and enjoy all that MoMA has to offer!


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